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same problem different problem


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I have the feeling that the problem is your CD Drive is not reading the Emp CD properly.

I have had this myself, it was caused by a Microsoft update SP2 fix.

I had to get the fix from microsoft for this, which involved going to a link they sent me with a password.

Unfortunaltely the file in question is on my old comp, which is packed up at present.

I also want to consult with the Doc about the problem, but he's not online at the moment.

The thing that is strange is that your laptop is superior in many ways to your wifes, but on hers it works.

I am trying to compare the 2 to find out the cause, which isn't easy.

They are both almost identical with chipsets etc, but vary only in the Bios makes and CD rom drive manufacturers.That is what is so strange about the problem.

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Do both your laptops have LAN,or WLAN do you have a CAT 5 twisted RJ45 cable, to connect them together ?

I'm trying to think of a way of eliminating the CD drive as the fault.

I would however recommend your opening AIDA and click on the link to SIS.com, and download the latest drivers for SIS 7012 and SIS 315 and SIS 650.

If you open aida and go through the sub menus, in the right hand pane, you will if you scroll around a little, see links to websites.

Try opening the computer/motherboard/chipset at the bottom is a link to SIS.

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i can see the wifes on network connections,she is connected to me ,i dont know how to "find" her 'westwood' folder.i did try this earlier on in this saga but obviously it didnt work,she has the folder designated as shared as with my documents etc.

should i click all the updates on the sis site or how do i know which.

your patience is admired.


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