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Be Quick Or Be Dead

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i have modified dun32000 (used siege milti mod, and tibed 1.54 change profiles of units(missile tank fire faster, trike fires faster, fom quad can be maked COnyard. and the emperor build base near my, and fast attack me without warning. one reinforcemment one attack and mission failed.. the crazy editing dune2000 is very good, (if we like, modify the dune2k to Massacra Flight, and you see power of tower(rocket turret with Dath hand missile Attack. vewry fast very killer.but weapon derbis4 is to s***.

if my trike fires using weap. derbis4 the trike self-descruct him....

next very crazy thing is making raider with invinciblity and second veapon new rocket, with fast epetition. is very useful to eleminate airstrike but i working in disarming DHM(Death Hand Missile) i have project of unit who can disaarm missssile before hit your buldings/units.. but anti-missile is Disarm-DHM have this weapon carrya. i have very adwanced dune2000. and can make strange things, if tests can be maked succefully, i give MOD to hands obalopper and other. before giving,,, i must make longer tests. the carryal is to low, and must flying before hitting missile(prec. 10seconds) trike is very fast. but raider better.the have added weapon DISARM ICBM i tried to take name DHM , and game crasges, with this name game work property, and can testing longer longer, my NEW modifiation is Repair tank,(edited Ordos combat tank) the fire force, maked from 400 to value -100 and if enemy(harkonnen or atreides, attack my base i can repair this faster using tank,(alt + ctrl, select attacked bulding, and repair is very fast, dont need repair in normaltrybe..

this tactic is good, but not work on versions 1.02 1.03 and some can be erronous in 1.06 but, this is BETA test, (i in older time, make patch 1.09 but too many errors haved, and project must be, abandoned, the some clones of my patch i founded, and im very agrressive, in time, i made units in dune2k, the my testers now working on project "Viper"

i givce tactic for only specified sitations but dont gain to gather hack/cheat to easily accomplish all missions.

and one one thing....

i can manipulate the reinforcements, (our,enemy,mrcenaries,neutrals)

in practice dune2000 if your harvester has been destroyed, next harvester cant come , isnormally, this is not normalmission, only practice , withmy mod is possible........... mod has been created (final day, Day 2,month 12,year 2003,.......

oooooooooooops....... in tibed 1.54 if i edit hows tank, and hit damage change to -100 and if fire to one my bulding, bulding immedialey has been destroyed:x

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mod is not available for download, (is under last tests) and this mod is not on FED2K sie, but i if tests have been completted, i make sign, and mod can be downloaded from www.canpol.pl/thargon/dune2000/ but site is not created. for fw days i create site, and give mod to this directory.

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