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Well, once again the updates bell is ringing!

Dune: Total War: This is an extremely promising mod set in motion by Caid Ivik, for the game Medieval: Total War. A complex plan is emerging that will hopefully provide for numerous Dune houses within the mod. Along with starting a great project, Caid has posted some excellent information for modding Medieval: Total War that can be found in his Dune Editing thread, "Dune: Total War."

Reign of Shadows: An older project of Apollyon's, once abandoned, has at his report been restarted. Apollyon has promised new xbfs, textures and models for the mod that was once only a little known beta.

Minor Powers: though Dunenewt originally started the Minor Powers Mod with hopes of a full conversion, it never branched out and remained a mostly unremarkable mod, until now. Dunenewt has recently constructed his first xbf file and is working hard on new textures. Hopefully results will be quick in coming.

In unmod related news, Sardaukar2000 is progressing nicely with the wonderful support of all of Fed2k, with some great interface designs coming in. In addition to this, Anders is making some head way with the scripting side of the game, and we will hopefully soon have a private board for development at Fed2k.

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Excuse me, but Shadows of Arrakis is already a taken name(Vidiware created it).

It was actually the only mod I've participated in... :D

I made the intro of it :)

RoS was started at the same time Vidi started his mod, so there's no chance that I "stole his name". Also the name is just more or less a synonim of "Dark Reign" which is what the mod is based on.

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