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pirates!! yaaaaar! ;D ;D

i just saw taht movie about pirates. u guys seen it? i was expecting garbage, a disney movie based on a theme park ride... actually wasn't bad. :O

and the soundtrack... i've been listening to it since i got back from seeing the movie, it is what they call 'pwnage' where i come from. :D

what did u guys tihngk? ???

(note - it was good but not as good as john williams) :P

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I liked Pirates of the Carribean very much. One thing I said before the movie started: If it has "Haaarrrrr" said in it, it's a good movie, and LeChuck said it (or was I the only one who saw the resemblence with Monkey Island :D)

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You should really use the [ hide ] tool if you're putting spoilers in. That just wastes space. For example;

[hide] I wonder exactly what happened to the rest of the previously undead crew. Why weren't they hung with Jack? Were they hung at all? Did anyone go back for the treasure? [/hide]

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thanks for tip, sorry i didnt know


They were all on that big battle, either they were hung or they were just killed there, or something. no one went back for treasure, its cursed. except the monkey, he went back and took it (really, stay til after credits :D )[/hide]

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