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wtf religion is everyone

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If you don't need proof to believe, then what is the difference between your religion and someone else's? Your religion would be no better nor worse than any other. Chaos of thoughts bounce in my head...

I never claimed that what I believe is worse nor better than any other religion, this is what I believe. If people wanna go praise a guy with an elephants head I wont bother them, as well as I wont bother you telling that your belief is wrong.

and to Anakin:

What makes me believe? I just need to have something to believe in, pure and simple, I'm not a religious zealot that will condemn people for not believing what I believe in, and I couldn't care less if people say I'll go to hell as I don't believe in hell.

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If someone throws a rock at me it will hit me. I have MATTER. I EXSIST

But if you didnt see the person that threw the rock how do you know he exsist and there for how could the rock exsist??

you have no proof that someone threw it.

think about it

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OK my last post was out of context.

but one thing that is being said by all is that religion does change to conform to what society needs, but true faith does not

Nor does the Bible it has stand the test of time for over six thousand years.

see the problems you all seem to be facing is you keep going back to religion, but this will get you little

yes Iam a Christian

yes I follow Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savor

no I do not put my faith in my church

no I do not put my faith in any religion

for this is the way of the new testament in the Bible

and as for the very first question of the discussion

the proof is there but you must find it for your self

and if you choose not to believe Iam sorry

but since you started the forum that does bring up one question


if so open you hart read the Bible and let the Lord talk to you

he started two thousands years ago by dying on a cross for you now it up to you to listen for him he only whispers he wont yell

don't look to religion to many false ones out there that change to quickly JUST YOU,THE BIBLE AND GOD enough said


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I am a non-creationist. Which mean I don't reject the existence of God (or Gods), but I don't believe that a supreme being(s) created everything. I believe everything has existed for ever and will forever exist.

--The answer to the meaning of life, the universe and everything is 42--

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