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As I have said before... that "fictional" book does exist. I have seen it first hand. Good luck in trying to find it though, it is very rare. I will post a number in a few days that you can call and have them look it up for you. It may be pretty costly too. It's only really worth it if you are a die hard collector.

Further note... Before you run around telling people the facts about things, make sure you have them for yourself. And when you are wrong, stop insisting that you are right, it's as juvenille as saying something sucks just because you do not personally like it.

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More often than not, the people you are asking have no clue. If they cannot find an ISBN number, they just assume it doesn't exsist. Try finding a book called Malleus Maleficarum, you will most likely wind up with zero. (if not let me know, I'm still looking for a reprint) I have actually been laughed at and told it does not exsist by more than one place.

FYI= It was originally printed somewhere around 1487 and was a catalyst for the raging fires of the Inquistion. Sactioned by Pope Innocent VIII, patented by Emperor Maximilian, and most likely written by Inquisitor Jacob Sprenger, it laid down not only why, but the method in which the Inquisition was to be conducted.

I have also been told that Children of Dune does not exsist.

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