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Interesting way to play against newbies :D No unit losses!

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Ok I have no idea where all those newbies are coming from but there's very little challenge to going one on one with them, right? Wrong. Try something more difficult than just carelessly crushing your opponent. Try winning with losing as few of your units as possible. First goal: win while losing less than 10 units. Ultimate goal: To win without losing a single unit.

Take extra good care of your scouts, don't ever let them die. Build only reasonable amounts of units, just as many as you can easily manouver and just as many as you know will be enough to deal with your opponent. For example do not attack the silly wondering single minotaur with more than like 6 buzzsaws to keep too many of them from taking too much damage and to keep it challenging, or be clever and bring just one buzz to take the fire and actually kill mino with some 5 sard elites. Use only units that are good versus the unit they are fighting. never attack missiletank with group of vehicles since one will likely die, attack with sards instead. never attack catapults with any infantry, use guild. etc etc.

Try it, it requires a huge amount of micromanaging but its really fun. I think i've managed to get a recorded game of losing only 6 or 7 units so far. Have to try harder i guess :D

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You haven't been trying this from the beginning? It's always an objective of mine on any RTS game to loose as few, if any units. As you build more and more, they become relatively smaller. It's also really embarrasing to see that you didn't get a single kill while he slaughterd you by the hundreds.

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