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  1. Well the best way to get rid of any turret is with a squad of Troopers. and maybey some gun infantry to defend them from other gun infantry. then when the turrets are gone get ur engeneers and rob the W-traps. then sell them or start building around ur wind traps like turrets or something. Thats what i did. :)
  2. :O i think that 40 tanks is a bit too much.
  3. :) really!. ok ill try that when i play again.
  4. I would play online but my comp has problems with online games. :'(
  5. In the multiplayer crap (practice) ive always had 3 AI's its fun have 3 enemies. even tho ive never been able to finish a game couse my damn bro wont let me couse he wants to play. ive never seen the AI use all of its units to attack. But i have seen the AI use all of its units to defend its Harvester when attack them and its no fun. couse when they destroy my attacking units they go after my harvesters >:(
  6. lol. And i thought that winning with no losses was impossible. ;)
  7. Hello everybody. I owned Dune 2000 (PSX) like for 3 months but then a friend stole it and moved away :(. I was never able to pass the damn game. I order the game back like a year later couse i missed it. and i wanted it back. Ok anyways back to the subject. I think Grenadiers rock. and it is true that they die really easy and its funny too couse they blow up. i like using them. couse grenades are cool. But the bad thing is that they can only couse alot of damage Infantry and not vehicle units. Oh i have a question. Are the sand worms possible to kill??? Ive tried but i cant.
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