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  1. Ha, thank you! This will surely help me get some downloads ;). The minimize, winshade and exit buttons are small blue crystals under the word 'Arrakis'. They may not be too clear, but they're there.
  2. Hi guys, I thought you'd be interested to know I've made a Dune winamp skin, the first real good one, in my opinion. All artwork is original, except for the volume slider. Go take a look at: http://www.winamp.com/skins/details.php?id=144842 Maybe if you guys like it, this could be a small news item? Cheers, Bart
  3. Yes, you sure can. Kailea Vernius is actually Rhomburs siter and married Duke Leto, but in my version of Ix she's Rhomburs daughter (so she can marry Paul Atreides). I'm going to make a sequel to Dune 1, but I don't want Paul to automatically marry Irulan, I want him to be able to choose from brides from different houses :D.
  4. Hi, I would like some info on the Major and Minor houses that were around during the Dune and Dune Messiah eras, possibly for an upcoming game. I need this information: Name of the house House leader Family characteristics Marryable daughters/sisters Symbol Overall style For example: Atreides Leader: Duke Leto Atreides - Paul Atreides Family characteristics: Sharp, noble face, quite skinny, grey eyes. Marryable daughters/sisters: none Symbol: Hawk Style: Noble and aristochratic. People loving. Ix Leader: Rhombur Vernius Family characteristics: ? Marryable daughters/sisters: Kailea Vernius Symbol: ? Style: Secretive, highly technological advanced. Name as many you can think of please! Thanks!
  5. Hi guys, I'm still not entirely sure what I want the storyline of this game to be, but I have to decide 'cause obviously it will have some major influence on all the artwork! Therefore, I need someone who can make a script for the game. Let's first get my demands out of the way: -You have to have played the Dune 1 game. -You have to have read the books. -There are 3 time periods that I think would be interesting to make the game about. 1: The first Dune book, so basically the same time period as the Dune 1 game. However, I would want more freedom of choice (more options than just: "Talk to me") and I want it to be truer to the book (I want Dr. Yueh in the story, and I want Paul to be attacked by the hunter-seeker for example). 2: A sequel to Dune 1. So basically, I would want to make Dune Messiah and God-Emperor into a game. With one major difference: It has to make sense if you've played Dune 1, and Dune 1 differs quite a bit from the story told by Frank Herbert. For example: Alia and Irulan aren't around yet even though Paul is already the Emperor of the Known Universe. You would have to introduce them into the story during the game. Also, I want the player to be one character throughout the whole game. So no switching from Paul to Leto II for example, at least not regularly. The game would have to be interesting too: Paul has already rallied all the Fremen for his cause in the first game, so there has to be something to do for him. You could possibly tell a story where the other major houses try to reinstate the Emperor at the throne again, for example. Use your imagination. 3: A prequel to Dune 1, inspired by the books by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. I don't really have any ideas about this yet, since these 3 books don't really focus on one character in particular. If you think you're up for the job, contact me (IM me, add me on MSN or mail: pencilgod@hotmail.com ). It will not be an easy task and it will probably take quite some time, but it can be a hell of a lot of fun! -Pencilgod
  6. Hey Naib, since Major_Gilbear is not responding for now, I'm taking charge of the project ;). My plan is to first make as much artwork as possible, I'm starting with all the environments. It's gonna be one hell of a job, but you gotta start somewhere! The first environment I'm building right now is the Atreides palace. If you could do some remixes, that would be swell. Do you have a hotmail adress and MSN Messenger? That's my preferred way of communication ;). Please add me to your contacts, i'm pencilgod@hotmail.com .
  7. Yeah, that should be right, because I tried to start such a project a half year ago, but I couldn't find a programmer! I forgot to mention I also make music, so I could also do the music for the game. I hope Major Gilbear replies soon, or else I might have to start to learn that adventure game editor myself.
  8. Pleeeeaaase let this thread be alive! Finally someone with the programming skills to pull such a thing off (or I think so). Guess what, I'm an artist, and I've wanted to do such a thing (a remake of Dune 1, or better yet, a sequel) for a looong time. If you're going through with this and you want my help, contact me at pencilgod@hotmail.com . I'm quite good, I have been a super moderator on the largest Warcraft III modding board around (for my skinning and graphics skills) and several of my winamp skins have been featured on winamp.com. So I think together we could, in theory, pull this off :D.
  9. Hi, I still have a Dune skin pack lying around. The skins are quite less then stellar, since they're copy and pasted from Dune 1 textures, but you can still use them if you want. Just add me on MSN (pencilgod@hotmail.com) or mail me.
  10. Since Dune 1 is mostly an adventure game, one or more good storywriters and a good programmer would be the most important thing. It would also be a plus if you played the original Dune 1 game (just download it) and see what we're trying to reach. In my opinion, it would be cool to continue the story into the second Dune book. This might be hard, 'cause most military action appears in the first Dune chapter, so we could do a remake of the first book too. We could take the actors from the miniseries as models for the characters. It would also be nice to make the strategy element a bit deeper (more units, weapons etc. ). I suggest we first try to find some skilled programmers, even Flash will do, and put them in charge of the project, so we're sure it can go on :) . PS.: It's not gonna be a warcraft III mod, but a full game, if possible. Since the original is from 1992, it shouldn't be too hard to create a sequel or remake in the same style :) .
  11. Has anyone managed to make this work? When i try to play the CD version (which I own), it just gives me a black screen. The disk version (downloaded) works just fine.
  12. pencilgod

    Dune Team

    If you're looking for an artist, I'd definately be interested. I'm pretty good with Photoshop.
  13. Hi, It's me, Pencilgod, the guy that once started the warcraft III campaign of Dune 1. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to finish the campaign, but I have released some (quite medoicre) skins. In the past six months, my Photoshop skills have increased a lot, and I was voted best skinner of wc3campaigns (biggest wc3 modding site) and best skinner of BrokenEdge (an affliated site). I was wondering, would anyone be interested in making a sequel to Dune 1, continuing the story to the second dune book? if we were to attempt this, we would need some good motivated programmers, who can program in Flash or any other program, and some artists. I could do a lot of the art. We might need some musicians too, and ofcourse, some storywriters. So, is there anyone interested in this idea?
  14. Hmm, did a clean install of Emperor, and it works normally again. I hope i won't encounter the problem again. And resizing it or restarting it doesn't work. Weird bug.
  15. What are the differences and advantages of Win XP Pro, and WIN XP Home? I have had it with the daily lock-ups Win98 gives me, so i think i'm gonna upgrade. And what's all that stuff about SP1? What is Win XP SP1? While reading these board i heard it is very bad. Also, i heard Win XP slows down your PC when you play games... is this true? If you guys answer all these questions you would really help me. Thanks in advance, Pencilgod
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