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    Goal: British North America 1836-1867 Bind this group of colonies in a ribbon of steel, bring prosperity and a sense of patriotic pride to a young nation. Author's Comments: After years in the grip of oligarchies the people of British North America are angry at the lack of economic and political progress. They are about to take to the streets as the Family Compact of Toronto and the Chateau Clique in Montreal finally begin to crumble. It is your role to assist progress, shaping your vision for the future of the region. There are 6 annual haul missions, worth 1 point each, assigned either when you lay track in certain territories, or at certain dates. You will have 6 opportunities to change the course of history, worth 1 point each. By the end of 1867: BRONZE - Earn 30 haul, 1 political points. SILVER- Earn 50 haul, 3 political points. GOLD - Earn 70 haul, 5 political points. SPECIAL CONDITIONS -Disable news of economic change. In general, you can expect recession before Responsible Government, prosperity when the Reciprocation Agreement is in effect, and normal otherwise. - Track construction is limited. - You start with -2 credit rating.
  2. 196 downloads

    Goal: A rich map with such people in't! Will you be one of them? Connect northern Alberta to the nation's two mainlines and find out. Author's Comments: ATHABASCA, where oil is sticky, gold is grainy, and land isn't always what you think. This is a land of opportunity, and can offer a great lifestyle if you don't work too hard. So your mission is to get stinkin' rich and bring some joy to the hard working people of Fort McMurray. Within 35 years: BRONZE - Have $30M Player Net Worth. SILVER - Have $60M Player Net Worth, and haul 25 loads of toys to the Athabasca Tar Sands. GOLD - Have $90M Player Net Worth, $10M Player Stash, haul 50 loads of toys earning $20M in Revenues to the Athabasca Tar Sands.
  3. Very simple suggestion, but have you tried typing the name in another program, then copy-paste it into RT2? I have done this to get the French accents in both RT2 and RT3.
  4. I have been looking for a French RT3.LNG file for a very long time. Can someone please send me one, soils4peace at yahoo dot ca?
  5. The different components of a railway system have differing levels of profitability. Generally I try to have the most profitable parts in my own company, or the one in which I have the most shares, and have the least profitable, or most costly components in a slave company or two in which I own 50% of shares plus one. Ideally the slave company builds all stations, bridges, tunnels, service towers, maintenance buildings, post offices, and it may also build unprofitable factories to generate demand, if needed. I would buy enough profitable industry for it to stay afloat, so it can help me expand this way too. And of course, it will purchase its own trains. If there is sufficient cash, the slave will pay for double tracking, providing extra track allowance if needed. The main company generally lays single track, runs trains for missions and to feed strategic industries, owns the most profitable industries, and builds hotels. This approach works great in Great Northern.
  6. There is a similar post at Molse's Forum. If that is someone else, maybe you can work it out together. Other than that, good people to talk to would be Pjay or CN_Diesel. Both are at Railroad Tycoon Info and PJay might be found at Hawkdawg's Forum or Pjay's website.
  7. Well I like to win gold, but no biggie. When I create scenarios, I set up bronze or silver to be close to the historical results. To get gold you have to beat history. Yes, POS is a great scenario. I will have to revisit it sometime.
  8. Height maps are shaded so that each shade represents an elevation. When it is imported into the map editor, it makes an olive green map with variations in elevation. You can make them for any part of the world with RT3 Mapmaker which comes with RT3, or you can use height maps obtained from other sources. As they are image files, you can use any image software to edit the height map if you like. Sometimes there are better sources than RT3 Mapmaker, but it is good enough for me. The map ratings I see here seem inconsistent with quality. I say download them all try them out and if you like them keep them, otherwise chuck them. Sometimes I have a third category, that is ones that need fixing, so I tinker with them in the editor until the map works the way I like. Sid Meier's Railroads has a different focus, so to me it is a matter of preference. This game is good for watching choo-choos, micromanaging track layouts and signals. I like some of the additions like the patent and industry auctions. After testing the demo I would say that this game has a place, but not on my computer. I prefer the strategic level, economic and historical aspects, so for me RT3 is the best, and the 3D is easy like and difficult to ignore. I have seen complaints about the economic system and other aspects of RT3, but I would rather see improvements to RT3 than anything like SMR.
  9. I like reliability, then I can get speed by increasing throttle. For Whistle Stops and Promises, give me the Camelback. For Which Way to the Coast? give me the Prairie with the speed option. I will tend to take the speed options when available. For China, forget steam it is the GG-1 except for Hong Kong - Beijing. The acceleration and reliability lets you crowd the track with impunity. - John Bull, American, 8 Wheeler, Consolidation, Mogul, Prairie, GG1 for general purpose. - Camelback, GP9 for short hauls on forgotten lines, with no maintenance. - Consolidation, Mogul, Mikado, MagLev for long hauls, your game winning haul missions etc. For train replacement timing I divide the price by the maintenance cost, and that is the number of years I will normally keep a train. However it does depend on what other locos are available. You know you have a favourite if nothing better comes along by the time you need to replace it.
  10. That offer was randomly generated. You can recognize it because it is simple and is always done the same way. Play again and it will be another city and a different amount, offered at a different time.
  11. Sometimes placing or deleting track will cause a game crash. You might try downlodaing the most recent patch, 1.05 and see if that helps. I still get this type of crash though, and it is not unique to Texas :( Re telegraphy, there is a game event that can increase or decrease load-unload times. Some scenarios offer this for a price, but you have to apply it to your whole company, or not 8) You shouldn't need to track the whole map to win Texas Tea. Buy some lucrative industries, like the coffee farms and oil wells you hook up too. This isn't a big map and a computer should be able to handle it; maybe there is a problem with computer power or graphics ??? Support company? Well Gwizz and I will keep you company and support you ;D
  12. Press [shift]-E to toggle between playing a map and the editor. Click on 'Control Panel'. Click on 'Events'. What you now see are what mapmakers call events. They are composed of the following: - Name: a short name for the event - Dialog: how information is communicated to the player. There are four - Dialog, Newspaper, Choice and Game Message. - Dialog Text: what you are told, or what is in the newspaper headline. - Time: when the program will test the event. It may be start of scenario; start or end of week, month or year; when track or station is placed; when a company is started; after an event choice; or status (appears on the status page in the ledger). - One time only: check box if it happens only once. - Conditions: what has to happen to trigger the event. Conditions also state what is tested - territories, human, computer or all players and companies; and whether the event applies to single player, multi-player or both types of games. - Effects: what happens when the event is triggered. To me, a map is a map, complete with topography, water, regions, cities, territories and paint. It may or may not include events. A scenario is a designed game which includes the map and a specific set of events. Example: PopTop made a map of Central Canada and made a scenario which they in their infinite knowledge of Canadian geography, called Eastern Canada. There are three scenarios on this map, Eastern Canada (PopTop), Warming Trend (JayEff) and War Profiteers (nedfumpkin).
  13. The answer is in your question. But the truth depends on the scenario builder's ability to write clearly to make events. If you look, about half the time connection instructions and the event coding are not in perfect agreement. When I write 'You must...' I mean you and the company that you control. Or 'your company must...', same thing. It means your station at each end, but the game programming does not care along which track, and it doesn't matter whether you have rights along the same route. Or I will write 'A connection must exist between X and Y', which means any station at X, any station at Y. along any track. When in doubt, peek at the coding ^[or be like me and peek at every new map]. Then decide whether you like the directions or the coding better, then change the other to fit. Also check the details of the event coding as it may have a mistake in it. I saw an event that checked at the end of the year for whether gamemonth=3. Well of course, the event would never trigger unless you change it to checking monthly. ;D By the way, for some reason, the Mississippi (also Germantown) map seems buggy about acknowledging connections. I am working on a fix for Mississippi.
  14. Economic State is 0=Depression, 4=Booming There is a lot of interesting stuff in the RT3.LNG file. Just open it as a text file, get a soda and have a good read.
  15. The middle number, the number of driving wheels seems to correlate well with for hill climbing ability.
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