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  1. it will ruin us. MA has already taken free healthcare to affect and it is failing really hard. People who live in MA are going to other states to see medical attention ..
  2. I agree I have Vista and it is a nightmare, nothing but a hassle. I got it pre installed on new pc otherwise would have stuck with XP all the way. xx
  3. So i hope you guys are all using firefox, cause the site doesnt work in EI. I dont really know how to fix it either.
  4. you bloody fool if you ask many people on this forum they will say that i am trustworthy and I rarely if ever lie. and my question was if you had read anything by conservative writers at all?
  5. this would have been awesome about 3 months ago, dont have time with new job to make a map. but if i ever have free time to give this a try your links will def help alot.
  6. Another version, still in style parchment, but darker. The map done with CC3 and the labels with Inkscape.
  7. Heres an interesting idea for all of you out there who like speculating. Right now the catholic church has been moving further and further towards becoming more liberal and progressive. Well what happens if there is a backlash and a relatively young ultra-conservative pope is chosen and he essentially undoes the liberalization of John Paul II and more. He essentially forces all those who dislike him out of the church but those who like him grow fanatically supportive. As his support grows his policies begin to resemble Hitler except with the church rather then the Germans. He then begins to attempt to raise a catholic army claiming that the Vatican is in danger of foreign invasion. What happens next? Does a foreign power step in and crush him or does it get to the point where the Papal States again become a true nation rather then the smallest country in the world.
  8. Good to have the site back Hopefully problem free for the future.
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