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  1. Thanks for the help, JayEff. I underst and almost all of what you said, but could you expand a little on the part about causeing houses? Thanks.
  2. I am getting fairly experienced now and have found no problem laying a bridge so long as I leasve enough room for ramps and approach at the proper angle. In the "Texas Tea" campaign game, I can build no bridges over the river that enters the Gulf of Mexico near Monterey. Can anyone help, please?
  3. I have one question related to the interface of RRT 3. First, I would like to say that one of the reals strengths of the game is the interface. It generally lets you move from one screen to a naturally required subsequent one with one touch of a button. I have found one case where this is apparently not the case and I hope I am wrong. It relates to the station screen that shows availability of all of the commodities and the prices at that station. At present, if I want to review another station, I need to close that screen and press the station list button on the main interface. I must then double click the new station to get the desired details. Another way of describing the thing I am looking for is a button like the one that allows me to review the consist of a given train and then press the down arrow to review the next train - but for stations. Any and all comments welcome. Thanks
  4. Thanks a lot. I have begun to use your suggestions with little inexpensive shay's as the locos. Really appreciate it!
  5. Thanks for the help. I just wanted to clarify your last suggestion ( min 2, max 8 ). Am I correct in saying that the two cars from farm one will be sold at far two if I do this. Please understand that I am not criticizing in any way and I really appreciate you generosity in contributing - I just was wondering, because this what would happen in RRT II if no yellow flag was set. Thanks again.
  6. Thanks a lot. That is a big leap in difficulty. I was used to setting up the railroad and then polishing it into a money-making machine. I get just as much fun out of learning how to improve my play as in actually playing. And it is only possible because of wonder generous experts on these forums. Thanks again ;D ;D ;D
  7. I would like to control my consists more like we did in the earlier versions of the game. I have a question that resulted from my first attempt to do this. Scenario - I had 13 tires in Ottawa and set up a train to Detroit where they would fetch a good price. I then returned to Ottawa to repeat the process and hopefully establish this as a permanent train in my railroad. I found that the initieal load of tires had driven the demand in Detroit to zero!! In previous versions of the game, I believe that Detroit would pay for as many as I could deliver. I am a newbie. Any comments on how to set up a permanent train would help - Should I feed the tires to Detroit at a slower rate, or Am I possibly running into the fact that I was not running enough steel to Detroit that no autos could be produced and therefore the tires where useless to the destination auto factory?, or Are there any other comments that anyone can make to help me understand better? Thanks in advance.
  8. I am a newbie and would like to make sure that I am not causing unwarrented delays due to servicing. You may be able to answer easily if it is true that no train will stop at a service tower or maintenance shed unless it needs too. Can anyone confirm If this is the answer? Otherwise, are there any delays possible if I build too many maintenance sheds? Through experimentation, I have been able to determine that trains probably stop at service towers if necessary. My trains currently stop a virtually any maintenance facility. I don't know if that is because I have managed to build just the right number of them in order to fill their needs or thatthey stop at every one. Of course, this delay reduces the amount paid for the cargo. Any comments and hints most welcome.
  9. While playing my last game, one station icon on the station list was brightly lit. My only clue is tha this station did not show up as green (profitable) in the global view. I would occasionally achieve profitability at that station, but it was so fleeting that I may not have been able to retain profitability long enough to cause the icon to change to the normal colour. Can onyone offer any helpful comments? Thanks.
  10. I have this situation - I have three corn farms along one line and would like to pick up two cars at each until I have a total of six, without selling off any of the corn at the second and the third stations. In RRT II I would set station flags to "yellow" and ensure that the consist at the second station was four cars while that at the third station was six cars. How do the same thing in RRT 3? Thanks in advance.
  11. I attempted to use the tutorial. The first half dozen screens have "More" in the lower right ocrner of the dialog box to advance to the next step. I then get to the part where I have a map of Italy and it instructs me to zoom in and out to become familiar with the mouse controls. The mouse works OK, but there is not link in the dialog box in order to advance the tutorial. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.
  12. I would like to know whether there is a simple way to insert a train in an established train routing? Here is a hypothetical example - I set up a routing that involves four or five stations. The first station is Baltimore. I would like to set up a similar train with a similar routing, except for changing the initial station to New York. I have learned that I should leave the original train as the selection and pick a new locomotive - this will provide the second train with exactly the same routing as the first. However, if I try to delete Baltimore and add New York, then New York appears at the end of the list of stations. I relaize that the effect is the same, but I would like to insert New York for Baltimore at the to of the station list in order to keep things more organized. Is there a simple way that this can be done, other than deleteing all stations and starting all over to construct the routing of the second train? Thanks in advance. ???
  13. I also am having a bit of trouble with the little green, yellow and red flags that control which cargos are dropped at a given station. I must say that I am a scientist by training and have tried every option that I can think of in order to lessen the inconvenience to you. Here is the scenario - I wish to pick up three cars of iron a Station A and then add two cars of coal at Station B while retaining the iron cars for a total of five cars. I have tried all combinations of the flags at both stations, but the train drops the iron at Station B. I was reading the manual last night and there is a provision for a station to accept all cargos, even though the payment that you get for them grows smaller as the game difficulty increases. That said, it certainly seems apparent that the flags should allow me to achieve my goal. Can you help? Thanks in advance. :P
  14. Crashed Trains - how do I restore them? The game will not let me retire or replace the engine from the consist menu. Also, I periodically get a message that a given train can not reach a given station. Although this has been occasionally due to my error, it happens often enough that I am wondering if a crashed train also destroys a bit of the track where it occurred?
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