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  1. Interesting point, JSS, and thanks for the history lesson. I guess it comes down to deciding whether a tactic is historically accurate or if it is cheating the game as it was designed to be played. I'll probably take a swipe at it using the boy scout approach first. I can always become more corrupt later if I don't get my way. :) Rikki
  2. Yes, odd about the way those questions are being asked. But thanks for looking into this. I'll see if I can track down the designer and see what the deal is. Oh, and I appreciate your tip about placing token stations. However, doing that just to keep the AI companies away seems a bit too gamey for my taste. I enjoy the realism of the game so I'll try to win the bronze the old fashioned way, if I can. :) On the other hand if I DO take over both companies and still don't get the bronze I may resort to Gwizz's trick of getting the bronze to fire. :) Rikki
  3. Thanks JSS, you explained it in a way that even I could understand. Sort of. :) Now that I know what the deal is I will try playing the scenario again knowing I have to take over the AI companies that own those stations. Not an easy task, as they jump on Philly and Chicago very quickly and are very profitable all through the game. But at least it's a challenge that I think is within my capability. Silver and gold are for deities far beyond my skill level. :-\ If anyone HAS won gold I'd love to hear how they went about it. Are there any after action reports on games I can look up somewhere? Rikki
  4. Yup, there's a manual. Good luck digging for it. :) Rikki
  5. Hmmm, maybe that's the "problem." I think the AI owned the station in either Philly or Chicago in all the games I played. Does this scenario define a connection as being owned 100% by the player? If so, that would explain my hobo status. :-\ On the other hand, the brief doesn't state full ownership is a requirement, and there are still those encouraging messages/news headlines saying I have made a successful connection. A sidenote... I haven't even touched Shift-E since I bought the game, I like not seeing the matrix as it were. But I'll be curious to hear what you script doctors figure out. Rikki
  6. JSS, Yes, that is what I'm saying. At the end of 25 years the status page (and the newspaper headline earlier) verifies that I have connected Chicago and Philly but I am still not awarded the bronze. I keep getting the hobo video. :( Rikki
  7. Yes, silver and gold are hard, but bronze is relatively easy. You just have to connect Chicago to Philly. I've done that every time, but still no bronze for my efforts. I finally gave up on that scenario. :-\ Rikki
  8. I had a good time playing around with this map this week, but could not win even the bronze -- even though I connected Chicago and Philly way before the deadline. I did get the news headline acknowledging the linkup, though. Any ideas why the game will not award me the win? Incidentally, has anyone gotten gold on this map? Seems ridiculously hard, like not even humanly possible. Even silver seems insane. Or maybe I just have a lot to learn. :'( Rikki
  9. I guess you can add me to the Very Competitive list, though I am easily satisified with just bronze if the scenario doesn't inspire me in some way. I am finally trying out the player-created maps which are great. I tried the Prince of Steel scenario which was awesome! Better than any of the ones that came with the game! I finally got the gold, and I'm not even sure how. (Something about the Personal Net Worth condition confuses me, I somehow lucked into some good stock buys I guess.) I then tried Great Northern, which was also great. Only got bronze (Expert), but I may give it some more tries to see if I can improve. Rikki
  10. Really, I didn't know yours was the "preferred" site. OK, thanks, I'll drop on by. :) Rikki
  11. OK, Hawk, thanks for your words of encouragement. :) Rikki
  12. Phew! I thought I was asking a simple question but now I've been to both sites, registered at the H&B site, read as much as I could find, and now I'm more lost than ever. ??? First I downloaded a pack of logos (Mr. Scott pack 1) and dropped it in my UserExtraContent folder as instructed in the Readme document but they didn't show up when I launched the game. That's when I went back to the sites and did some more searching and reading but could not find out what was wrong with the files, or what I needed to do to get them to work. To begin with, I have a Mac. I did not see any separate download area for Mac files so I assume these files work for both PC and Mac versions of RT3. Is that correct? Second, I am not much of a technoid so I wasn't able to understand the so-called explanations offered. (PK4, which is the type of file that I downloaded, is described as a "packaging format," but I don't have a clue what a packaging format is, or why I need to know about "packaging" to use the logos.) Can somebody just explain to me how I download & install new logos in a few simple sentences, please? Thanks! (Off to get some aspirin...) Rikki
  13. Cool! And I see there are SFX, too! Ah, the benefits of being a latecomer... ;) Hmm. I see the downloads but couldn't find the "discussion" you mentioned. Or am I supposed to search for that thread here at this forum? Rikki
  14. I was just wondering, is it possible to add our own company logos to the game? I suppose it's silly to care about such superficial things but it would be nice to have logos that are a better fit with my names (like first-letter initials, for example.) Rikki
  15. Okay, maybe someone can explain this to me. I was playing the East China scenario. VSeems next to impossible at the Expert setting so to win I really need to plan carefully. After being reduced to a hobo a number of times I finally managed to build a fairly robust rail system about halfway through the game. The cornerstone of my plan in this game was linking the steel mills in the northwest mountains to Jinan, where there was an auto plant, which was key to winning since you have to export a certain number of autos to win. I had planned toward this from year one, and so far everything was going fine. Then, after getting sidetracked for a few years (no pun intended) by some company takeovers and building the toy and clothing industries (also required for victory) I began to notice I hadn't been seeing any autos on my trains for awhile. I kept trying different things like specifying autos for my trains and checking the color overview to be sure there was a demand for them. I finally went to check on the status of the auto plant and to my surprise... it had disappeared! So I had to re-route all my steel to Beijing, where there was another auto plant, but this cost resources and time which ultimately led to my losing the game, bigtime. So what the heck happened to my car factory? Now, I've noticed an occasional logging camp disappear if it was unconnected and thus losing money, but that factory was poised for high capacity production. Incidentally, a few games later it happened again, also in Jinan again. Is there a game reason for this or might this be a bug of some kind? It's rather hard to plan if we don't know whether a factory will stay on the map. Rikki
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