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  1. Hi! Thanks for trying it out, glad you enjoyed it! As you've noticed I started with making a Dune video and ended up making maps, a win-win! I'm fully aware that I shouldn't go crazy with the infantry oriented detail on maps which require more vehicle movement, so no worries! This was an infantry map after all! I've already made adjustments to the tile errors and have been polishing it up a bit for when I eventually make a campaign thread with the missions. As this was my first map and use of provided tools, I'm not yet that well trained in spotting things in the vast amount of things I need to pay attention to. But I'm working on it and will surely improve over time. Thanks, I gave it a lot of thought. The second mission will continue off a bit farther from the upper left with the MCV and two combat tanks that were waiting for the Knight Commander's arrival. And so the campaign flow will continue to see you exit that tight mountain range and meet the more open desert. I wasn't aware. Thanks for pointing it out! I'm still very new to how D2k scripting handles itself. Speaking of which, I'm having trouble making it so that the lose condition works if the Ordos (Redzani) player loses after losing their structures OR MCV if it hasn't been deployed yet. For some reason its either letting me play after the base is sold or destroyed, or I lose the mission just as the game registers the MCV exists or just as it unpacks but isn't a structure just yet. I'm probably missing something here. Suggestions appreciated. Another question, if a condition is ticked [x], does that mean that the game treats it as "1", and then when an event such as tick flag ticks it to "True" it just stays as it is? I'm having trouble understanding the "if unit exists" tick logic. If it's ticked, does the game belive it exists or doesn't? Could anyone explain a bit more, as it has taken me some trial and error to figure it out, and just as I think I know what it's doing the game crashes from certain events not being set up properly. Any way to influence which direction a Carryall will leave or arrive in during the reinforcement event? Can I block the AI from ordering more Harvesters via automatic Refinery Carryalls? And the big question which I now have to tackle as I've built the entire map for mission two and need to set up the AI... -> How do I script the AI to produce units and behave? Best practices?
  2. Excuse the scene where my troops just suicide into one of the bases in my video. I was having fun. Thanks for the heads-up for the differences, that'll come in handy! Question though, why are you all promoting index colors to me when I can just use Funky's color swap tool and replace a faction that I don't need? Is that a bad practice or will I find it limiting going forward when I try more complex things? Also, I've been editing colors a bit and think I'm going to go with and orang-ey gold for Redzani. So far so good. Just need to figure out how to not confuse them with the Mercenary allies, as I'd like a support ally with a similar color like in the first mission. The Mercs being a placeholder for Redzani forces the player doesn't control but is assisted by. Need to tweak colors a bit more but yeah... https://i.imgur.com/9QUQWwP.jpg EDIT: Some work in progress for the second mission where you leave the safety of the mountain base and the map opens up to a wider (vehicle friendly) desert. https://i.imgur.com/xNH70QT.jpg
  3. Thanks for all the feedback guys! Appreciated. I'm taking notes. The name wasn't an indicator of color when I came up with it, so I'd like to keep only the Harkonnen red as they're the distinct antagonists here. It's strange though, as usually I'm on top of such visual aspects but with this faction I'm unsure about the color, so we'll see. Also please note that I'm having some trouble relaxing these days considering my city (Zagreb) was just hit by an earthquake with aftershocks happening among other things. So apologies if I don't respond right away to forum replies, I always get to them eventually!
  4. I really hate the feeling of not noticing the little bits here and there. I'm VERY detail oriented, but with so many new things going on my first map, my eye wasn't trained enough to spot them. It hit me like a brick when you pointed out one was staring me in the face at the crash site this whole time. Thanks for pointing them out! I will likely adjust the map in a few more passes as I learn more to polish it all out. Yeah I have it on my mind. I considered widening some of the side paths on this one too, but it just ruined the feeling I was going for. And clicking twice a few times didn't seem like a bother to get the squad through. If the player looses 2 infantry, then it's no bother at all. The whole theme I was going for is that this area was specifically selected by House Redzani because it's so hard to get vehicles in to attack their base, let alone find it. But the Harkonnen somehow knew there'd be an airship passing by and shot it down, and then you discover they've been thumping the worms towards the base - which isn't typical Harkonnen behavior. They'd rather just attack and be done with it through force, yet they didn't approach this one, so I'm using such things to convey a story with the terrain. I tried to make it so it's forgiving of a mishap, but that you don't really have a chance to mess up again. I've actually managed to destroy the Harkonnen outpost too with some micro. You CAN also go through the Trike team and still win, you have a rocket trooper to help out. But then you need to survive the three infantry surprise (which killed me in testing a few times) just before the base, so there are ways to make it easier or a cool challenge. The easiest route is to just go in a snake Ƨ curve evading everything at the beginning. The thumper guy who is the win condition (as he's attracting the worms) with his guard squad can be taken care of by either using your infantry, or baiting the guards to follow you into the Redzani base. The allied forces will make quick work of them, leave the thumper and maybe one more soldier up there. So it IS kind of a boss fight, just not the kind I expect the player to loose at. The infantry reinforcements you get are here to assist you if you just BARELY manage to get to the base alive with the Knight Commander. Which happened to me on runs where I'd explore everything. And it's a fitting event when you see the base in action for the first time. So works nice. I've read all the stuff you've suggested and will do my best to implement and learn from it. It's not going to waste. Any feedback is always appreciated!
  5. Nah it won't be one of those. I like the gradual tech style, but am working on it as if it will be primarily played by someone who has already beaten the original campaigns and knows how the game works. Figured it'd be a bit boring to just add to the default when I can make something a bit new and connect it to the main story or wider Dune universe in some cool ways. Thanks for all the advice and descriptions, I'm learning a lot!
  6. Reuploaded. Missing structure. Hope it's good now.
  7. Not going to strictly follow a tech level approach as with the original campaigns, but the tech will be integrated naturally with regard to the mission at hand. Check out my first mission to see what I mean. Some things at the end will be your starting units on the next mission. I decided to go with singleplayer at the moment. I've put coop aside for now to learn easier. So I couldn't get the separate file to work and rename the Sardaukar for this mission alone, and I don't know how to put the mission in game in order to get the briefing to show up, so please enlighten me. You've been so detailed and helpful and I'm very grateful for all the help. I'm including the first mission I've made so you can try it out and see how I'm doing in learning all of this. Not going to make a separate thread for the campaign until I'm certain that it'll actually be a thing. Still in the learning process right now. Another thing that I couldn't get to work is the friendly fire message appearing after you shoot one of your allies. I set it to IF Casuality = 1. It never happens in testing. Thoughts? (everything you read beyond this point is a prototype and might change in the future) A short introduction to my campaign - House Redzani: The story is that a long forgotten and hidden away minor House has set in motion an operation on Arrakis. The leader of this house, the Knight Commander (you) has had a vision of two branching paths of how his story plays out. One lead to his death and the destruction of his House, while the other saw him discovering something on Arrakis that would ensure a brighter future. What exactly that is is anyone's guess, as he didn't understand what he saw as clearly as he had hoped. And so the Knight Commander, who is a former Sardaukar that saved a dying House and was therefore accepted into it, sends in his limited forces in secret, and shortly after follows to join them - but it's not that simple. Keeping his arrival secret was integral to the vision he saw, and if he was to be discovered by the Emperor via the Spacing Guild on a highliner, the vision would no longer hold any validity, and that wasn't a risk he could take. House Redzani officially listed as a Mercenary group to buy Ordos equipment and avoid any unwanted attention, but also acquired Ixian technology that would mask the Knight Commander's life signs from the likes of Guild Navigators and anyone who could detect him en route. He was frozen in a protective cryo-stasis pod until safely at the hidden Redzani base on Arrakis. And this is where the first mission begins, just as the Knight Commander is arriving, in a secluded mountainous region... Yeah, a bit of a plot twist, the Knight Commander somehow has an AI helping him. It'll fit into the story going forward. So just bare with it, as it's kind of a big deal after the whole whoops we made AIs and then banned and destroyed them all thingamajigg. Please let me know what you think of it and any advice you feel I might benefit from! Eager to hear what you think of my first mission! Note: I might change it from this version going forward, depending on any fixes or adjustments. It's not meant to be a hard mission, as it's the introduction, but you can in fact lose if you're not careful. Redzani M1 v1.0 (by AZ-Stalker).rar
  8. Too many things to reply to at this moment, so I'll get back to your individual posts a bit later. For now a few more questions: 8. How to set a House as non-targetable, as if targeting an Ally. But without them being revealed on the map due to an alliance? Neutral works but can turn hostile so not ideal. 9. Mission failed trigger if your units damage a specific House's buildings or units? Like just one shot and it triggers the fail event. Advice? 10. Mission failed state reveals locations of enemy and neutral Houses in the last 2-3 seconds before the map ends. Why? 11. How can I rename a Sardaukar unit or give him more health for example? 12. How to change the message text color? 13. How to change the House colors? 14. How to delay a reinforcement carryall arrival after it has been triggered? Example: Reinforcement conditions met, it's triggered, but I need it to not arrive instantly. I'm making a campaign. First mission is pretty much done and scripted. Just requires a bit of testing and polish, hence the questions above. I'll get back to your posts and share the level once I grab a bit more time. I'd upload a screenshot, but I don't want to spoil anything on my first map. Thanks everyone!
  9. Yup! Left you a like on the video. Brings back some old memories seeing it in action. I like the flow of the map, as the design is very clear. Later it gets crazy with all the units. Pavement turret positions are a nice touch too! Very inspiring! Thanks for all the info everyone, I read it all in detail. Now, so I don't go and quote 20 things and so on, allow me to just list some questions and we'll tackle them as we go. I understood most of what you taught me just now in your posts, so moving onward: 1. How do I open a specific tileset as a full sized image to over-paint in an image editor like Photoshop? So far I either can't open the files, or can't get it to be an image. 2. Can I copy tile attribute blocks from one tileset and paste them over another position in another tileset in the attributes editor? When I click anything, the blocks just turn black. How do I select an attribute block / tile image to see what attributes it has without changing something by accident? Confusing. 3. How do I set up the Spice to work properly? So, I paint the spice tiles in, and then I have to over-paint it with spice objects (which I can't find)? Do I have to remove the TILES after I place the OBJECTS over them, or is it advisable to just put the objects in and not touch the tiles? 4. The map wants me to place down 8 player spawn points for skirmish/multiplayer. Where do I set it lower? 5. Advanced settings such as triggers won't open as there "is no mission file assigned to the map" or something like that. Fix? 6. How do I place a crate that won't disappear and chose what kind of result it gives to the player? 7. Is there a "everything you need to know" guide of some sort for the later tools and editor? Watching Feda's YouTube tutorials videos. but some stuff seems outdated. The Baron came over to check out my mapping skills and wasn't very satisfied with my progress:
  10. It did, you fixed the stuttering in the new version! But another issue now presents itself because I'm new to the editor; when I change the tileset, many previously placed tiles get overwritten, and it's a lot of work to fix it all up again. Secondarily, how do I use things from multiple tilesets? I'd like to have everything available if possible. I didn't know this is how it worked, otherwise I would have chosen one tile set and started with that. 😕 EDIT: Stutter is back for some reason after changing a tileset. Also forgive the possibly dumb questions, completely new to mapping here. EDIT 2: How hard would it be to edit the tileset I started with (BLOXBGBS) and add it stuff I need from the others? Could I avoid the map detail override like that?
  11. So the 1.3 Map Editor keeps flashing the screen white when I move the mouse at a normal speed. It doesn't happen when I move it slowly. Only happens in full screen. Windowed is okay it seems. Is this a known issue? EDIT: Can't seem to figure out how to place old House structures that are covered in sand as part of the terrain. EDIT 2: Also can't find the sand blood splatters.
  12. Full servers usually happen on weekends at European evenings and US afternoons. It comes and goes in seasons, more so when there is an update or release, of which there have been quite a few. There is an insane amount of new content at the moment. I've worked on TS Reborn during my time as active staff there and consider it my online home, made a lot of good friends. They are literally keeping Renegade and its mods alive, as the other communities either slowly fade, aren't interested in new things, or just stick to one game/mod. There has never been a better time to go play APB, TSR, ECW, IA (Interim Apex, formerly known as Imperial Age - we had about 60 players at once every other day because of it before people who were seemingly jealous or confused of its success pulled it off of their (other party) launcher which was more known at the time). So lots of stuff happening there. The Battle For Dune mod is doing nicely too: Tleilaxu mutant defense: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLcBcvka-iw Worm mode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6077Q78682o APB Delta trailer, the most badass popular version of anything ever made in Renegade: https://youtu.be/4FLfFoOV0kI Feel free to add me (anyone) on Discord or find me on Steam if you'd like to play when there is a game going on over the weekend, or just to keep in touch (AZ-Stalker#7129). Or just use this invite link to my server: www.discordapp.com/invite/FwNPAeK Thanks for the heads up! Appreciate the information and willingness to help me out! I'll definitely stick around, and if I'm not here you can find me either through my site or on W3D Hub.
  13. Oddly enough I was also staff there for a time and quite active a few years back. My community roots shifted to W3DHub though. Thanks for the welcome and video feedback, I really appreciate it! Not sure when exactly, but I might create something for D2k at some point. In which case I'll share it here if it turns out noteworthy! I'm a big fan of singleplayer with cooperative being the second best option. I'm very interested in 2 player coop VS AI campaign type missions these days. Your combined support has been noted and I'm glad to be in good company here!
  14. Thank you both for all the information and quick replies! This is just what I needed as a pointer. I know AI can be a tricky thing in custom maps to set up, so this is very useful. Was asking in general as to how such things work here and you pointed me in the right directions (with detailed posts at that). I'll see how things go moving forward. Thanks! This is what I was talking about. In these examples it's much easier to intuitively figure out the elevation, pathing, what is what and where it all goes. Even basic art can be used creatively to illustrate a point better, and I'm sure there are many way to use what you already have available.
  15. I'm confused as to what that means. Don't know how game edits impact the cncnet implementation. Where do I edit this and in what way? EDIT: With the highliner tileset, I think the main issue is that I didn't know which tiles are the ground level and which are elevated, as the "cliff" faces werent that noticable compared to the bombardment of colors and styles of differing floors. Only after seeing a game in action did I realize that just the black space is non-traversable. My first instinct was that a different color meant it was elevated or so. Keeping connecting floor styles in a similar hue or color would help a bit, while setting elevated ones in another. Or something like that. It would mean a different approach to what there is now, but might help. It depends on how you want to proceed. Example of the style I have in mind, roughly (Starcraft inspired): https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/starcraft/images/2/29/ScrapStation_SC2_Map2.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20110505120041
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