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  1. A.I. players NOT building any track ... I'm modding an old map by GONZO called "Green Mars." It has 7 territories; in the original version, the AI players all start in the same territory as the human. I wanted to spread them around so I designed events to randomly award a different territory to each AI player when they started their company. That works great, but only one (and rarely, none) of them ever seems to start laying track and getting down to business. They just sit until the stockholders fire them for incompetence about 5 years into the game. But the stockholders committee doesn't build anything either! I didn't delete any of the original events, used 1 each of Company and Territorial variables, etc. etc. I just can't figure out why the AI doesn't build; any ideas? I play the Steam version, FWIW.
  2. Thanks Gwizz, I appreciate those tips, but my problem is slightly different. When I first set up the companies in the editor, the amount investors will put up decreases with each new company. When the first company is formed, $100k gets up to $1m from investors. The second gets $300k, and the third only $100k. While I can then adjust company cash, I can't adjust the stock ownership (as far as I know). IOW, the chair of the first company gets 10% (or more) of the stock, while the chair of the second company owns a minimum of 33.3%. How do I get every player to own 10% at the start, like they do in the Amaplanca map?
  3. I may be overlooking something obvious, but I'm having a problem pre-establishing AI companies for my map. I wish to pre-set 7 companies, one human and 6 AI, all with equal cash and stock. After I set up the first (human) company in the editor, investing $100k and getting $900 from investors, I can't seem to set up a second company with the same investment ratio. If I have enough cash to start another company, I don't get the 9-to-1 ratio; it's 3 or 4 to 1. Is there a way to assume the role of AI #2, #3, etc. and set up the companies through that player? Is there some other way to do this? It must be possible ... What am I missing here? Thanks for any help you can give me, and Happy Thanksgiving too!
  4. @spader - I'll see if I can relearn how to do that and post in a few days.
  5. Oooops! Just found it elsewhere on this site. Never mind ...
  6. Hi Gwizz ... remember me from H&P back in the day? Where can I download your Civil War map(s)? Niever did play them .... Google led me to Hawk & Badger but their download link doesn't work. Regards, ET
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