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  1. Hey, stupid question but is "rise of harkonnen" a new mod, that I haven't heard of before Jasper
  2. Hey peeps, i seem to have misplaced the sub mod folder with more missions of mercenaries and smuggler. anyone got the zip for it so i can re-download it. thanks
  3. Hey Fey S18v1 seems to be working fine on mine however SBON3 keeps coming up "File not found BLOXHILN.R8" i cant seem to find where to put it in the dictionary, proberly being dum lol
  4. Hey guys, I think what szwagier is saying is that the barracks only let's you train troops not engineers haha keep getting wooped on this mission because of it hahaha
  5. Hey Fey, I'll keep that in mind I did try to download this mod but it wouldn't open. Do you have any idea why??
  6. Hey, for someone who has no idea how to edit. Is it possible if someone can change this to a single campaign for me 😕
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