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  1. Do you run as admin or have permission? because it sounds like that is the problem. Other thing comes into mind is that Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime is corrupted , but its most probably the 1st option.
  2. So after a long testing with AI, mission 4 is finally complete. Your objective is to capture some Harkonnen bases. The smugglers will help you out with their units occasionally. This level will require some tactics, because you wont have enough units to rush and you dont want to waste any time. 1st AI is Ordos and 2nd AI is Harkonnen - SKIRMISH OPTIONS - - Engineers enabled. [WIP]HM Mission 4.rar
  3. By "DuneMaps" you mean maps in general? Anyways check if the files are in the right place, sounds like a similar issue i had with D2K editor, by default it had files in the wrong place.
  4. oh i had this error years ago, for me it was that the game didnt like it being installed on D/ drive or any other except the default, so i installed it on C/ drive and everything worked.
  5. Sorry for the little delay, had to update all of dune to the newest version and editor stopped working... again , but no worries i fixed it the same way like last time. So here's mission 3 Your objective is to destroy 3 Outposts (base) in 3 different spots on the map, they are well prepared for a fight. An extra objective (Optional) is to destroy the Emperor's base, maybe its worth it =] As always Human Players should be Atreides and Harkonnen, AI's should be Ordos, Emperor, Atreides, Ordos in this order and color. --SKIRMISH OPTIONS-- - Engineers enabled - Crates disabled [WIP] HM Mission 3.rar
  6. I havent been on C&Cnet all this time and i dont have the discord link . Mission 3 coming very soon.
  7. Update for mission 2 - changed some enemy reinforcements - Starting credits, Tech level, Unit count doesnt matter on skirmish anymore, its all in the config file now. - MCV's wont spawn anymore. - Removed Emperor turrets from the map. [WIP]HM Mission 2.rar
  8. So managed to get something done right after work. Update for mission 1 - Map has been edited a little ( mostly rocks). - Added a secret reinforcement on the map. - Starting credits, Tech level, Unit count doesnt matter on skirmish anymore, its all in the config file now. - MCV's wont spawn anymore. - Emperor's defense area now works. - Changed smuggler's unit build order a bit. [WIP] HM Mission 1.rar
  9. is this what i need to prevent the game from spawning 8 mcv's? because i tried the noMCV and nothing happened. its in the config file right? Also sorry for the long silence.
  10. its right next to the other co-op maps, my maps have the name "Honored matres mission #"
  11. So, here is Mission 2. There are no harvester replacement in this mission, you have to deal with what you got. This is for story, because after the last mission the Smugglers gave you some money to build a "mining outpost" and now you have to harvest spice to pay them back and some extra spice for yourself, you cant afford replacements yet. Have fun! - No starting Units - Starting money: 4000 - AI 1 (Normal) ( No specific team ) - Tech level 4 [WIP]Honored Matres campaign mission 2.rar
  12. Its not a mod, its a map, you put it into the maps folder in /Dune2000/data/maps then go on skirmish and play it.
  13. Dont be afraid to try it out, its not impossible , well at least the 1st mission, i'll maybe make a single player campaign after this is finished.
  14. so does the difficulty setting matter in skirmish?
  15. Both ways, but mostly the traditional way.
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