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  1. its right next to the other co-op maps, my maps have the name "Honored matres mission #"
  2. So, here is Mission 2. There are no harvester replacement in this mission, you have to deal with what you got. This is for story, because after the last mission the Smugglers gave you some money to build a "mining outpost" and now you have to harvest spice to pay them back and some extra spice for yourself, you cant afford replacements yet. Have fun! - No starting Units - Starting money: 4000 - AI 1 (Normal) ( No specific team ) - Tech level 4 [WIP]Honored Matres campaign mission 2.rar
  3. Its not a mod, its a map, you put it into the maps folder in /Dune2000/data/maps then go on skirmish and play it.
  4. Dont be afraid to try it out, its not impossible , well at least the 1st mission, i'll maybe make a single player campaign after this is finished.
  5. so does the difficulty setting matter in skirmish?
  6. Both ways, but mostly the traditional way.
  7. So heres the updated map of mission 1. - I added more units for the players to find, but to balance it out, the Emperor will have more units too, but its not too difficult to win, just protect your allies. - Harvester replacement is added for both sides. - Deffence Area numbers are a lot higher and the emperor does send some units there over time. - Changed unit build rate of troopers and light infantry for smugglers Also i tested a few times to see how the smugglers would do without my help, well in about 30mins the Emperor will have a big enough army to destroy more or less half of the smugglers base, the smugglers couldn't keep up with the production and defending at the same time, so dont take too long and help out your ally. Honored Matre's coop campaign mission1.rar
  8. How do i make a replacement? because there is no "harvester replace" in the event options. Um, no, i've made maps 2 years ago for Dune2000 and RedAlert1 and those are all lost, i just dont know every single thing in the editor and my old maps were never this good before. This is a small issue so that will be sorted out last. Yes i play and test maps on Speed 5, its the original speed that was on the Ps1, im used to it. The updated map will have some minor changes, i changed some numbers and now they send some units to the area. This will also be sorted out last, first is the map and its functions. Given the feedback, i even changed 1 idea in my 2nd mission which is done, but needs events and i dont have much time these last few days, because work.
  9. Wow so much comments about the 1st mission, so: The two players have to select Atreides and Harkonen, it doesnt matter who picks what, the colors? its not big of a deal here choose what you want. I will look for this "graphical error" , but i didnt see it during my testing. Did you get all the reinforcements in this mission? for each player there is 1 Trike, 2 Quads, 1 Combat Tank. Also i dont want to give the player too much from start because of the story of this campaign, you start with nothing and slowly build a bigger army throughout the campaign. These missions will be "Trial and Error", they wont be too hard, but sometimes you wont get a second chance if you screw up. This is my way of "Forcing" the 2 Players to cooperate. Ok, i will try that out, i never actually knew what the Index was for. Well i dont know what every setting does and the "Unknown" setting doesnt say much on what to do... I think the Smugglers already have a fast-enough production rate while the Emperor is slower, but produces stronger units, In all of my test the Emperor did attack, it was around the 2nd and 3rd smuggler attack, they even took down 1 Turret, And you must've been unlucky with the Harvesters, none of them were eaten in my tests. So i see i'll have to make some adjustments and hopefully that will be enough, Maybe i will make this mission a bit easier. Also did anyone finish the mission? its supposed to take about 20mins more or less.
  10. My 1st campaign for Co-op. This campaign will be about The Honored Matres and their Desert Mercenaries arriving in Dune, Their interest is caught fast, so they decide to strengthen themselves and join in on the Battle for Dune, while gaining new allies and enemies. This campaign is meant to be played by 2 Human players (maybe will add AI later) and either Online or LAN. Right now, only the 1st mission is done and needs testing and feedback, missions 2 and 3 are in the works, So take your time explore the map, maybe note how long it took you to finish the mission, post some pictures or report anything that is missing or broken, I will leave it up to you players to find out whats the objective. --Attention-- Every mission / or almost will have a condition: If 1 player loses, the other loses too. So stay alive. Multiplayer settings: Crates: Off by default (If you really want then enable them) Worms: On by default Disable Engineer: On for 1st mission Disable Turrets: Off Short game: Off Tech level: 5 AI Teams: 5 So far the only problems in these missions are the multiplayer settings overwriting the Mission settings and you have to add more than enough AI players to add the right teams, so if anyone knows how to change, this i will fix it immediately. [WIP] HM Coop mission1.rar
  11. zidane2

    Mission AI Research

    You mean replace 1 player with an AI? that might be tough, some missions will require the AI to simply stay alive, also some if not all missions will have a condition - If one loses, the other loses as well, so both have to survive.
  12. zidane2

    Mission AI Research

    Yes, its a two human-only campaign, which will have to be played online or through LAN, it will feature a team that hasnt appeared in dune2000, but they exist in Dune universe (and in Frank Herberts novel: Dune) and they'ļl be accompanied by a team similar to mercenaries.
  13. zidane2

    Mission AI Research

    Both of you thanks, i will keep that in mind when i'll edit my maps, if everything goes well, it will be released soon, hint: its a co-op campaign.
  14. zidane2

    Mission AI Research

    I hope this topic isnt closed, so... in a few of my maps, the AI has a base ( no construction yard) and can produce units, i set him to produce mostly weaker ones, but sometimes the AI is not producing infantry at the same rate lets say trikes. also in another map where you have to depend on an ally AI to win, the AI there doesnt seem to attack at all, i set his FirstAttackBuilding to 8000, thats about 5min and delay 5000 -3min and nothing happens, it just buys units and patrols around, sometimes he makes his 1st attack with a single unit after like 25min and if that unit dies he proceeds with his normal attack and sometimes the AI just doesnt order anything from the starport, and if he does its way later than specified. SO any way to change some of this behavior? or do i have to edit in some reinforcements to get things going?
  15. I copied the missions folder into the root directory Dune2000 and changed the path to it in the resource.cfg and now it works with all of the settings. Thanks for the help.
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