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  1. My 1st campaign for Co-op. This campaign will be about The Honored Matres and their Desert Mercenaries arriving in Dune, Their interest is caught fast, so they decide to strengthen themselves and join in on the Battle for Dune, while gaining new allies and enemies. This campaign is meant to be played by 2 Human players (maybe will add AI later) and either Online or LAN. Right now, only the 1st mission is done and needs testing and feedback, missions 2 and 3 are in the works, So take your time explore the map, maybe note how long it took you to finish the mission, post some pictures or report anything that is missing or broken, I will leave it up to you players to find out whats the objective. --Attention-- Every mission / or almost will have a condition: If 1 player loses, the other loses too. So stay alive. Multiplayer settings: Crates: Off by default (If you really want then enable them) Worms: On by default Disable Engineer: On for 1st mission Disable Turrets: Off Short game: Off Tech level: 5 AI Teams: 5 So far the only problems in these missions are the multiplayer settings overwriting the Mission settings and you have to add more than enough AI players to add the right teams, so if anyone knows how to change, this i will fix it immediately. [WIP] HM Coop mission1.rar
  2. zidane2

    Mission AI Research

    You mean replace 1 player with an AI? that might be tough, some missions will require the AI to simply stay alive, also some if not all missions will have a condition - If one loses, the other loses as well, so both have to survive.
  3. zidane2

    Mission AI Research

    Yes, its a two human-only campaign, which will have to be played online or through LAN, it will feature a team that hasnt appeared in dune2000, but they exist in Dune universe (and in Frank Herberts novel: Dune) and they'ļl be accompanied by a team similar to mercenaries.
  4. zidane2

    Mission AI Research

    Both of you thanks, i will keep that in mind when i'll edit my maps, if everything goes well, it will be released soon, hint: its a co-op campaign.
  5. zidane2

    Mission AI Research

    I hope this topic isnt closed, so... in a few of my maps, the AI has a base ( no construction yard) and can produce units, i set him to produce mostly weaker ones, but sometimes the AI is not producing infantry at the same rate lets say trikes. also in another map where you have to depend on an ally AI to win, the AI there doesnt seem to attack at all, i set his FirstAttackBuilding to 8000, thats about 5min and delay 5000 -3min and nothing happens, it just buys units and patrols around, sometimes he makes his 1st attack with a single unit after like 25min and if that unit dies he proceeds with his normal attack and sometimes the AI just doesnt order anything from the starport, and if he does its way later than specified. SO any way to change some of this behavior? or do i have to edit in some reinforcements to get things going?
  6. zidane2

    D2K editor problem (Solved)

    I copied the missions folder into the root directory Dune2000 and changed the path to it in the resource.cfg and now it works with all of the settings. Thanks for the help.
  7. zidane2

    D2K editor problem (Solved)

    I tried to change the paths to look similar to yours, but now when i try to test it says "Invalid filename". My version is also , i even installed everything on 2 seperate laptops to see if the results are different and it turns out its the same thing. The maps (original and new ones) are in the Gruntmods studios/Dune2000/data/Missions folder, i am not sure where the editor is looking, but when i copy the TESTMAP.mis file to Dune2000 folder, it looks in the Gruntmods studios/Dune2000 and launches an unsaved map and only that one, selecting other maps to launch it will launch mine again, also my actual map has more objects while it loads up the one i saved quite some time ago. I didnt try to edit the resources.cfg yet... from what i've heard, maybe its because i have windows 10?
  8. zidane2

    D2K editor problem (Solved)

    I tried placing the editor folder somewhere else like in Dune2000 folder,data folder, missions folder, but no luck the editor says cannot find _TESTMAP.mis file when i launch it, but when i copy that file to data folder it finds it, but it doesnt have my recent saved map and it doesnt open other maps in test, only mine, so this is a big problem. i noticed the real _TestMAP.mis file is in Missions folder, but how can i make the editor search there? it only looks for it in the data folder which messes up my saved maps. The only thing in the config file i can change is these 3 lines: [Paths] GamePath=E:\Gruntmods Studios\Dune 2000\data\ GameExecutable=E:\Gruntmods Studios\Dune 2000\dune2000.exe TextUIBPath=E:\Gruntmods Studios\Dune 2000\data\Data\UI_DATA\TEXT.UIB the rest isnt important, also i noticed when launching the editor for the first time it has the wrong GameExecutable, its dune2000\dune2000.exe not dune2000/data/dune2000.exe. I hope you can help me here, i have no other ideas and why was this big mistake left out in the installer...
  9. zidane2

    D2K editor problem (Solved)

    i got the editor test launch working, but it launches in the lowest resolution, also my map doesnt get updated if i save and test it and any map i open and test-launch is my unfinished map, what i did was only copy the _TESTMAP.mis and _TESTMAP.map to the Dune2000 folder. changing paths and deleting the d2k editor's config file didnt fix it. Also i can play my map in skirmish and everything seems fine, i just need the test launch to update my map.
  10. I have made a few maps on the Dune2000 map and mission editor,but it doesnt let me test the map, at first when i pressed "quick launch" it said it cant find dune2000.exe, i corrected it, but now after a quick launch it shuts down and tells me it cant find _TESTMAP.mis. The installation is by default in C/ disk and nothing was changed Also my custom maps are not visible in skirmish, any ideas?
  11. zidane2

    Sidebar MouseWheel scrolling

    Is there any other link?? the file is gone.
  12. zidane2

    Is multiplayer working??

    Hello, i''ve been playing dune 2000 for quite some time now and installed it again (after reinstalling Windows 7), when i start Dune2000Launcher, it stops, doesnt update anything and then shows an error, either my connection is off (which isnt) and my firewall blocking (also checked and excluded), so after the error the game is launched and i go to internet, but there is completely nothing... Some time ago when i opened the launcher it did update and worked, now it doesnt, also on the d2kplus website, my friends cant download the game, when pressing the "download 2000 online installer" it just gives them a Webpage not available., all this started about a week ago... so please help...