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  1. Sounds like a very fulfilling scenario. I am currently browsing around the Internet looking for a Platinum CD I can buy in good condition for a decent price, just to play your scenario! If Steam cuts out some of the events or anything at all for that matter, I don't want to even try it. As soon as I finish TSC campaign (currently holding Mother Russia up against German forces) I'm going to focus on the stand-alone scenarios (primarily yours Mr. Fisher).
  2. Hey Jeff! Well first let me state: multiplayer is not what I thought it to be. It sucked. You can't pause the game when you need to cuz the other guy is needing it go continue for his income, so it winds up being a constant rush to make sure your trains are hauling loaded cars BEFORE they arrive at the station. Having a SLOWER turnaround actually is better. Not much fun, I'm a pause after EVERY train kinda guy (yeah first campaign scenario took me 1 hr to finish!). Anyway, to get it to work you need a client (we used Evolve) and the other guys in a party. We then downloaded a folder called IPX Wrapper, moved some files into the RRT2 directory, then created a server using the IPX option in the game! Works great! Probably never play multiplayer again! Jeff, if you EVER get your US History to work with Steam, please let me know. I have the Gold edition CD. I would certainly enjoy playing through that scenario.
  3. Okay folks my buddy and I did get multiplayer working!
  4. Huh! This works great. I've been pumpin' gold out (on hard of course) on every scenario until I hit The People's Train. Initially my thought was to start short lucrative routes between Beijing and Shijiazhuang with the F3A+B, and run the Mikado in the south with some cotton and grain to start my industry profits. But I kept getting swallowed up in track maintenance. So I tried loco_motive's strategy and received the Gold on my first attempt (I never thought to run multiple tracks up and down (as in the above image) to clear congestion, trying to keep track costs down; it's worth the investment big time). P.S. Some old man told me I's scaring away the pigeons by breaking the windows, so I stopped doing that.
  5. Basically this: is there a way to successfully play a multiplayer game with a buddy over the Internet on Railroad Tycoon 2? We have the Steam version, and Steam doesn't have a server for the game. We used Evolve, created a party, and are able to see the game one has created. But it will not join the server. Sure be nice if somebody out there knows a way...
  6. Yes I have realized in looking through all of the user-created maps that this is the most common strategy. This is why I was wondering if a gray-scale map is easy to create, in high hopes of maybe creating some maps not already seen in the campaign. But thanks for the info! @Silverback Thank you for the website, this is thus far the most valuable site I've come across for building a map in RRT2. Good ol' archives.
  7. I sat down and read this article over lunch break at work, and by the end of break my phone web browsers are all open with images and pages full of WWI railroad information. That article was really interesting. Germany is, all prejudices and such set aside, a very smart country. Everything they do is all road mapped out and followed through to a T, no detours or distractions, just get it done and get it done NOW. Jetzt oder Sofort!
  8. 2 years later, and I'm jus now reading this post. But I'm just now getting into building my first map for RRT2 PE to see if it's something I'd like to really get into or not (if not then just stick to playing other user-created maps). Anyway I'd like to know more about this .pcx importing option. I understand the whole conversion process and on, but what is a gray-scale map? Is creating one easier outside the editor, or why do it? And then, how do I do it? If anyone replies, thanks in advance. RRT2 shall forever reign high in my collection!
  9. Well I just signed up on this forum to let the world know RRT2 is still played (Yeah, on a 24" screen at 1024 x 768) and I'm happy there are others that still play it! Oh, and a Merry Christmas to all!
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