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  1. Thank both of you very much for your answers. The actual process is not that difficult: You take a black and white map, like a jpg or tiff or png and convert it to a pcx. You find free programmes for this on the web, like http://www.zamzar.com. When you open RT2 and click on create new map, it there will be two options: With or without a background image. Clicking on the right one will then ask you for the location of the file. According to the manual it must be a pcx file. After importing it, RT2 will ask you for the topography characteristic, how steep you want to have the hills. The standard is 100, which is quite a lot on my map so I reduced it to 50. best greetings tossobih
  2. Apparently I ran an old version of Platinum, your question about which version I use inspired me to update it. After updating it to 1.56 if worked with the pcx extension. gratefully yours, tossobih
  3. Hello Gwizz thank you for your answer. Unfortunately, renaming the file as .map did not do the trick. RT2 saves maps which have been edited as map files, though. When reading the manual, it say something like import an indexed pcx file, other do not work. Now I wonder are all pcx indexed...
  4. Dear community, i would be appreciate if anyone could help me with importing a map into the editor of RT2. So far I have: - created a greyscale map of my area 320x320 - converted it from jpg to pcx - import it with the map editor, size it 320x320 -> get crashdown has anyone experience with this? What could be the problem? thank you loads! tossobih
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