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  1. Gentlemen, Since my previous plea for help I've managed to finish the RT2 campaign and have worked my way through most of The Second Century campaign. I've found TSC campaign scenarios to generally be tougher than the original 18, and once again I've reached an impasse and could use your collective wisdom. I'm stuck on scenario #14, Elbow Room. It's the one where those geniuses in Europe decided it's a good idea to drain the Mediterranean Sea to get more land. The objectives are to deliver 100 loads of chemicals to the Geocore plant (bronze), earn $12M in industry profits (silver), and reach $45M in personal wealth (gold) by 2032, with the scenario start in 2010. While earning the bronze medal is a cakewalk, I've yet to come close to silver or gold. Starting cash is tight ($1.32M if you max everything out), track and locos are expensive, the terrain is fairly hilly, and I seem to spend the entire scenario cash-constrained to a modest railroad, having dumped a lot of my money into industry purchases trying (and failing) to achieve the silver medal. Any tips? Wabash Jeff
  2. I see the tips for the original 18 campaign scenarios, but not for the 18 Second Century campaign scenarios. Any hope of seeing them posted soon? The tips in the Platinum Edition strategy guide for the Second Century campaign scenarios are so minimal as to be nearly useless, at least for me.
  3. Broken any windows? Noooo, not that I know of... ??? Speaking of having a ways to go, I've finished the original campaign and have moved on to the Second Century campaign. I'm finding some of these campaign scenarios quite difficult, and am currently stumped on scenario 14, Elbow Room. If anyone can offer up some pointers on this scenario, I'm all ears. Wabash Jeff
  4. Thanks for the help! That got me started in the right direction. The first time I played using your tips I got the silver easily, and nabbed the gold on my second try. Victory is mine! ;D
  5. Friends, I've been playing my way through the original campaign for the first time, on normal difficulty. I've managed to win gold on every campaign scenario so far, but this China scenario has me stumped. I've squeaked by to win a silver medal, but have not even come close to winning the gold in repeated plays. I've read the strategy guide that comes with the game, but I just can't figure out how to pull this off. You start cash poor, saddled with lots of initially useless rail, stations that need basic upgrades to function, a manager that jacks up your company overhead 20%, and in a time period where locomotives are expensive. Turning this mess into a railroad with $40M equity in just 13 years seems to be beyond me. If there's a trick to beating this scenario, please let me know! I can't seem to find it.
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