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  1. If anyone have problems guarding their harvester at the early stage of mission, try build high tech fac as soon as possible and build 1 carryall, after completed sell the high tech fac (save money to build rocket turrets). If enemy attack harvester simply "recall" the harvester to your refinery. In this way, money flows in faster than "1 harvester no carryall mode", and less likely harvester gets destroyed. This is pretty effective in Ordos mission 8, Harkonnen mission 7, where you struggle to protect your one and only harvester at the beginning However, need to build 3-4 missile turrets at yo
  2. Of course on hard level, I started from normal but as long as you understand the basics, be patient and you have no problem
  3. First build walls to seal off your south so that harkonnen forces can't attack from the south. Build clusters of rocket turrets (about 7-8) on the west entrance. And that should be fine.
  4. Build an array of rocket turrets on the west side. Build clusters but not to block the entrance for harvesters. Repair turrets after every assualts(and air strikes of course). Watch out for missle tanks as they can outrange rocket turrets. I suggest not to wall up the footpath in southeast, because the sardukars cause more damage to rocket turrets than tanks. In my previous "mission failed"s my rocket turrets were wiped out by sardukars and troopers. In your strike team there's a siege tank. Place it near the footpath(but not too close)to kill sardukars. If you can keep safe two of your harves
  5. I played Atreides first, then Harkonnen and finally Ordos. Missions are quite easy in the first four, and hard in the last three. Perticularly, Atreides Mission 8, Harkonnen 7 and Ordos 8 are----well, I replayed them several times to get through. In any of these missions the core objective at the start is defense. If you can stand up to the early assults, victory is coming close as the opponents never protect their harvesters well(of course attacking them will trigger AI attacks). I use rocket turrets as the core for defense. I build wind trap-refinery-barracks-outpost(and sell immediately)-ro
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