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  1. do all the steps and it should work be sure to update dune to 1.06
  2. u didn't do anything wrong pobably - there will be no one online at that moment
  3. basicly it comes to this for the routers (if i remember good what fox told me) close down ur router - go to firewall and open all the ports u need to play dune - go to ur router and update ur firewall ports to ur router - this should solve the problem don't ask me how u have to do that coose i don't know ???
  4. hey factor (not sure if u remember me - maybe as ENHTrike) just folow my post about the hamachi thing and re
  5. hey shy - lots of new players on the servers to so they fastly say ur a cheater lol - it is normal if u don't know the guy
  6. the network i created a while ago where there are about 30 ppl on will be closing down soon :( I lost my id coose i had to re
  7. the network i created a while ago where there are about 30 ppl on will be closing down soon :( I lost my id coose i had to re
  8. nothings wrong, there is just no1 online right now
  9. shy r u in lan lobby or on internetlobby? normally no1 is in the lobby when there is no1 to play so if u want to play with some1 just talk to him (right click chat) - at least i don't stay in that lobby all day and i think for the rest it's the same :)
  10. Shy i think u are in the wrong server (i have seen u in the one gerret made a few months ago network name: DUNE2000) but i left that coose no1 was comming on there. You should join the one i made Network name: dune-2k Pass: dune (at evening u will see me, muis,lysy,preetham,ophirus and sometimes more or less but this 1 lives :) ) Edit: i see ur in our 2th server (Dune 2000 server) but there are only about 6members in there so just join the other 1 to :)
  11. ultim8 u won't see steve online soon (he is alwais on offline mode) but it's months ago he said something to me :(
  12. hi Ophirus, just check this post http://forum.dune2k.com/index.php?topic=20809.0 it will help u to get to us ;)
  13. You can find the instructions how to install and edit hamachi so you can play online here: http://forum.dune2k.com/index.php?topic=20809.0 This is the topic where you can react on the instructions so the other topic stays clean and easyer to read. Hope i helped you out
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