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  1. I see works has been dead, so we cant have High Textures till 2016
  2. Точнее: 2x2 two by two 3x3 three by three
  3. Helps out for walls :) P.S thats why i love starcraft: they doesnt need concrete, they have 5 workers ready to mine :D
  4. Just place out 1 infantry when raider is blocking way on refinery and catch snapshot in no 8 min rush rule. theres no other way to stop them, only just disguise
  5. yep, so wind traps with 2x2 concrete useful in speed, because if u just construct two wind traps without 2x2 concrete = slowin up.
  6. Use only for wind traps. Its pretty useful for it.
  7. Actually, 3x2x1 needs for tech and heavy factory buildings. Also, if u want to be fast on online (i havnt played online yet) just use it only for wind traps, pretty useful.
  8. I have found a good tip for startup players! some buildings, like light factory needs like 3x3 tile for full health isnt? nope, it need 3x2! i had tested it, so when u placing concrete 3x2 like on this image: And placing light factory on it and click it: Voila! We have full health light factory now! It works with:Barracks,Wind Traps, Light Factories, Heavy Factories, Tech buildings and Refineries. Doesnt work with:Starports, Repair Pads, and buildings that need only one tile.
  9. Ok, So What Actually % Progression on Mission 3? about 49%?
  10. Лучше верно. Замедленная прокрутка панели. Yeah. its good.
  11. Are u still working on Maps? Just playin on one is quite now boring
  12. Maybe ''Замедлённая прокрутка панели''?
  13. Also, great campaign man! have now in mission 3, no errors :)
  14. Um, on Mission 1 where need to stop smuggler reinforcements and collect 5000 spicy, discovered that the reinforcements still came when u destroyed high tech building... there just came and came, never stops. Fix it.
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