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  1. Last time I checked we were on 700 I know cause I posted the 700th one. Here are some of my good ones I can remember..... 571. You started your own church called "Bene Tleilaxu" and you were recently shut down by the FBI because there were reports of Devil Worshiping and the Kidnapping and killing of farm animals, when your FBI liberators arrived you ordered your church which is about 4 members strong to fight them off with Crysknifes, You were soon restrained and taken to court where you were sentenced to 50 years in "Sing Sing" and immediate mental help, you tell reporters outside the court house that you "thought they were the emperors Sardakuar". 572. Your writing a Prequel to Brian Herberts Prequel. 573. You ask Scuba Divers about the waters of their Homeworld.
  2. 157. You've spent half your life carefuly developing an addiction to cinnamon. 158. You deface US money to make it look like a solaris. 159. You spit on your fathers shoes to show respect. 160. You encourage your girlfriend to get plastic surgery to look like Chani. 161. You sit in your car stopping traffic waiting for a Carryall to pick you up before a worm gets you. 162. You shot your eye out so you can buy a Tleilaxu eye. 163. Your notoriously known to the police as the "Spice Snatcher" because you were caught numerous times hijacking trucks shipping spices. 164. You can still think of more ways to tell if your too into dune.
  3. 145. You speak Fremen fluently. 146. You think Frank Herbert is a messiah. 147. Your room is covered with pictures of Brian Herbert and his whole family. 148. You flunked geography class when you label the Sierra Nevada the "Funeral Plain" 149. You think the Govenor of Idaho is Duncan. 150. You got thrown out of a zoo for trying to dunk the Pythons in water and screaming "Shai Hulud!" 151. You have a collection of Carryall cases. 152. You attempted to Bargain with American Airlines to take you to Arakeen for a Dekagram of Cinnamon. 153. You only chew Cinnamon flavored gum. 154. You lead a Petition at the Capitol for equal rights for Fremen. 155. Your considered an acult leader. 156. You bother to read this post every day.
  4. What possible units could the guild have? And I was wondering if you dont ally with them then can you still purchase things from them?
  5. 131. At the age of forty you still live out of your parents basement playing Dune all day. 132. You think Einstein was a Mentat. 133. You attempted to purchase a reanimated dead slave from the flesh vats of Teliaxu. 134. You attempt to convince your mother to change her name to Jessica. 135. You call your cat Mauh' Dib. 136. You have a worm collection and you call the worms "Little Maker" 137. Your Stings biggest fan. 138. You think Chelsea Clinton is Princess Irulan. 139. You visit the Sahara twice a year. 140. You live in a cave out in the desert. 141. You attempt to speak in the ancient tongue. 142. You become a lifeguard and dozens of people die because your busy watching the sand for sandworms instead of the water. 143. You kill sleeping cattle around midnight for their water. 144. You have a bunch of dead bodies in your bath tub.
  6. Ok.... 39. You faint when you see the ocean. 40. You ask scuba divers about the waters of their homeworld. 41. You call nuns Bene Gesserit witchs. 42. When you see a plane fly over you yell Ornithopter Raid!!! and take cover. 43. You live in a shack in the middle of Death Valley. 44. You attack cops with a Homemade Crysknifes and call them Harkonnen scum!. 45. You attack people with flash lights and call it a Las Gun. 46. You steal your parents car and drive around the neighborhood screaming Worm Sign after seeing A gas tanker go by. 47. You call a priest the Kwisatz Hederach. 48. Dune Chapter House is your Bible. 49. You steal street sweepers and drive them through sand saying "You will gather enough spice for the trip home" 50. You stalk Frank Herberts family. 51. You dig up bodys from grave sites and attempt to take their water. 52. You plot Homicide against your family so you can take their water. 53. You think Oceans are Urban Legends. 54. You call your Girlfriend Concubine. 55. You ask people with blue eyes what tribe they are in. 56. You only play sports in your homemade stillsuit. 57. At church you drink the Holy Water. 58. You think the Sweden-Norway Penninsula resembles Shai-Hulud. 59. You think blimps are frigates bring more enemy units. 60. You write letters to the President asking for control of Dune.
  7. If your unable to Identify it then its safe to say it may be a las gun or one of those sonic guns they used in the Dune movie (not miniseries).
  8. Ho Ho Ho think big why not Masses of Sardakuar and Millions of Sonic Tanks and Sabuteurs!
  9. What will the Tleilax units be like I heard they have strong beliefs in biological weaponry and really hate machines.....
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