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  1. 402. You have daily threesomes with your wife and concubine (Irulan and Chani)
  2. can y'alls give me the URL to get these? i cant find them at the Emporer site...
  3. w/e, i meant stunner, i havent read DUNE in a while...
  4. w/e, but in the book sardaukar had tasers, and swords, while fremen had crysknives...
  5. what? the sadaukar have tasers, and the fremen have crysknives, right?
  6. what? saying that the SFX guy did the doughboy?
  7. while fremen are uncloacking; sardaukar are already shootin' at them conclusion, sardaukar are better...
  8. tanx harkhan, i take it u like harkonnen? and btw, how do you get to use the sub houses in DE:BFD? do you ally, and take over, or are they like the mercenaries - wheras they help you, but they can't be controlled?
  9. merry x-mas y'alls, and i hope i get some of the sardaukar and fremen legions, and some squads of 'thropters... :)( i also want a copy of Dune 3000! ) !-_-!
  10. i thought this was Arrakis :)
  11. you mean it's weight in water :)
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