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  1. ???. You know 55 ways to kill someone with just your fingers. (I lost track, I saw the numbers in the 800's)
  2. 328. You can see where a missile is headed by it's location/direction
  3. 308. You add almost 100 suggestions to this list. 309. You OWN every dune book. 310. When you hear other kids talk about Digimon, you talk about DuneMON. 311. You know what DuneMON are.
  4. 207. You get bullied at school because you like Dune so much.
  5. I like Aftermath MOD, stealh devastators of the Ordos are nice, get a pile of 'em, send 'em in one by one, then destruct them, watching as they frantically try to destroy it :)
  6. 181. You actually build silos all the time when Dune2000 says "Silos needed" 182. You have a computer which is covered in dune-related stickers. 183. You're named Leto. 184. You can remember every single one of these.
  7. 172. You have the word "Options" burnt on the upper-left of your screen 173. You watch a documentary about a war, calling the units shown as if they were Dune units. 174. You dream of when this list will be completed. 175. You go to a new Dune website, and find that all the links are already purple 176. When you go onboard a jumbo jet, you ask why the Ornithopter carrys so many people. 177. You draw sketchs of dune units in your spare time. 178. You get enrolled into the army to use a "Combat Tank", and ask to be upgraded to use a "Devastator". 179. You train to be a Mentat at school, trying to outdo computers. 180. You refer to missiles as "Death Hands"
  8. 71-You're convinced you could buy a house with a handful of cinnamon. 72-If someone has a question about Dune, everyone tells the person to ask you! 73-You refuse to point a flashlight at any form of shield, fearing that you'll cause an explosion. 74-You refuse to wear a shield while on sand, fearing sandworms.
  9. 64-You don't have a girlfriend anymore, cause you played Dune games too much. 65-You run around laden with bombs, calling yourself an "Ordos Saboteur" 66-You call greenhouses "a big waste of water" 67-When you get into a fight, you yell "Long live the fighters!" 68-You call anyone fat "Baron Harkonnen".
  10. 32. You rank people of the opposite gender like dune commanders: "Sand Flea", "Warlord", etc. 33. You've permantly mounted the Dune 2000 CD in your CDROM drive. 34. You have roleplays with the 2 houses around yours, about fighting for Dune; "Now, 3 houses fight for control of Dune" 35. You refuse to go on holidays without a laptop with Dune 2000. 36. You installed a T1 connection just so you can play lag-free on the Westwood servers. 37. You name houses after houses in Dune: Atreides, Ordos, Harkonnen, Corrino, Ix, etc. etc.
  11. I've used Tibed, I tried giving sonic tanks devastator shops, so I made a new copy of the devastator weapon, and edited that. THe game wouldn't run (I checked those warhead number numbers). Stuffups also occured when giving flying units sight range (fast exploration). I made airstrike build very fast (speed 1000), and it worked (quite well). Might bother to send in a screenshot to dune2k.com sometime. Raider trikes with gas warheads are fun too, you get a nice coloured cloud where you're shooting. Invulnerable sonic tanks are even better, with a speed/damage increase. Surrond the base with them for defense, send about 10 on a raid (cheap/fast), and it's guaranteed to destroy whole bases (unless they're atreides, in which case, the game is stuck). Adding units would be great.
  12. 27. You add cinnamon to coffee to make "spice coffee" 28. You've beaten the missions as all 3 houses on all 3 difficulty lessons 29. You try to find spice on the black market.
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