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  1. Yea. Iran stumbled across the code at one point but was too busy with other projects to implement it properly into the client. Instead he passed me a modded .exe with indestructible ore enabled and for the first time ever I was able to play 7 AI on the old maps without stalemating in the first 20 minutes. The ore in such games is depleted far faster due to the fighting more than the ore trucks. I thought it would be a massive improvement to the economy and give people on-line the choice to play something other than those ridiculous bland infinite ore maps.
  2. Those promises were broken in the first week and to the trend of the NSA whistle-blowing reaction, a couple months later it's like nothing happened at all. Which, I guess in a sense, is exactly what did happen.
  3. Hey if you guys ever add an option for indestructible ore ill buy you guys a beer In fact where is the paypal donate button?
  4. Hey all, I stumbled across dune 2000 after a ping of nostalgia playing Irans Hi Res patch for C&C Red Alert 1 to death. Irans installer is awesome because it contains the game, the hi res patch and a boatload of extra options -in one place- saving so much time and hassle. However I know little of dune 2000. So far, I am running the dune 2000 gruntmod edition along with D2kSardaukars / N.Kindt / mvi 's Hi-Res patch as well as the mission select mod. However, I have read there is a sub factions mod but I cannot seem to find much on how to use it? Are there any other 'must have' mods for dune 2000? Finally, is there a mod for sidebar / mouse scrolling? This was one of the best additions Iran made for C&C IMHO. I hope you guys go the same way and pool together to make a single installer with *everything* chucked in. I would love to throw this old game to some of my computer illiterate / lazy ass friends as a single .exe. Keep up the good work guys
  5. Anyone have a link? The website seemed to be down for me.
  6. Is the server down? I get a 404 error :(
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