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  1. ijw can have a bye in2 next round, ive lost my interest in emperor
  2. jesus, talk about newbville, i page harkdog 4 a game, he goes and logs off, i page veryugly0 4 a game he doesnt reply, i page sarlour 4 a game he goes and logs off, and just last week im matched vs sarlour, game gets to load up screen and then he nevre loads in, i go in2 lobby, and find hes logged off
  3. well my opponent is a bit of a farce to put it politely, on saturday, i was online and he was also, so i asked lets play our game then, he says "give me 30mins so i can warm up" so im like fair do, so i go 4 some qm, i come back and he has a 1v1 open i join it, and he still wants more time, so i cant be arsed 4 him to piss me around with his warm ups, for god sake ppl this is a video game not a bloody football match, i guess he needs to stretch his metacarscles ? ne way, i was online all yesterday from about 12-2 and then later on at 6, and then at 11pm gmt times, i never saw him
  4. acelethal,ace1gold,maxpovver :), ne0storm,skorpija,atrforce,ir0nbull
  5. braveivan, contact me on msn lvlaxpovver@hotmail.com or aim : dbnntt5 to arrange game
  6. i made my nick long time ago in 2000 on tiberian sun, there were 2 players on ts who were l33t, xtrmforce and megaf0rce, and they had nicks which symbolised power, so i tried maxpower, taken so maxpovver was good enuff, some nicks i like from ppl on here include atrforce is cool nick, and so is skorpija
  7. yeah, thats an error, cos i just copied n pasted another month 4 the outline 4 the texts, dont worry, ill swap it to msta next time i alter page, ne1 know top 3 for each house in dec ? also whos the top players around now ? and whos these guys top 10 in qm ? looks like atr r owning :), was always loads of atr when i played, around 5hark up there, still is now, and was only 3-4 at most ordos top 20 heh, now only 1 !
  8. http://www.geocities.com/dbnntt5/champions.html
  9. hi guys, i just reinstalled game, and getting back in2 it, ive updated the champions page up to November, just need who won in dec 2002, then its fully updated so far
  10. top players ive played b4 in no order cerb3erus xvayne ace1gold atrforce s0naxus hydrodoc alr79 biorock gzakiller ne0storm - camieu? hawkdawg best players who were still playing when i left were cerb,xvayne,biorock and atrforce, they still play ? and whos best now, ne1 from 666 clan still play ?
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