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  1. Maps will be up in some time. Got only the weekends to work on it...
  2. Yeah... I too imagined that... Yeah, I intend to do this project in my weekends as I'm busy with my work on weekdays. So the work may be slow, but it will progress... Nice imagination there @Cm_blast.
  3. Yeah, I knew about that. I got the index allocation from another member of Fed2k forums. So, it's pretty smooth now... Index Allocation.txt
  4. This is an example of Harkonnen Faction War ( Note : Different allocation indexes are given to different factions to prevent confusion. ) This is H2V1 intro base...
  5. It's a campaign that constitutes the Harkonnen missions. It is an alternative branch of Dune Universe where the Harkonnen is broken into 4 factions... They are: 1. Baron's Army - The group of Harkonnen whose loyality has not faltered at any instance, the Baron's Army is a loyal supporter of the Baron 2. Harkonnen Renegades - The group of Harkonnen that believes that they can fend for themselves and seperate from everyone else, the Harkonnen renegades work as an induvidual House. 3. Duke's Legionnaire's - Inspired by the Duke's ideals and visions, the Duke's Legionnaires work alongside the Duke in an attempt to fulfill the wishes of the Duke. 4. Emporer's Loyalists - The group of Harkonnen that works under the Emporer, with the promise of riches beyond imagination, the Emporer's Loyalists are fed with greed by the Emporer and march with them... On 17 - 04 - 2017 (H1V1 , H1V2 , H2V1 , H2V2 , H3V1 , H3V2 are completed)
  6. Can u give me some Pics for Buildings?
  7. play me and THE AQIB's mod as it releases i'm talking about the emperor mod
  8. the idea is good keep it up
  9. well the mission 5 was too easy and the sardukar and emperor were too strong and enemy base defenses were weak
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