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  1. scorpio9a

    DuneEx 2


    Opens RFH & RFD & BAG files.
  2. Can't remember the most of you guys :O
  3. CMP is a compressed format, and .w is not .wav, .w is only the data of the wav file no header, DuneEx 2.00, can build an header for the .w files so you can play them with Windows Media Player or what ever other audio player.
  4. DLL Stands for Dynamic Link Library, you can only store sub/function calls in a dll, so you need an exe to call an command inside an dll, so the dll will execute an code.
  5. I need to recode my app, since i managed to f*ck things up badly now. :( But that shouldn't take long, since i still have all the info that i need for the xbf format.
  6. Adrian_messecar we should work together, and i managed to fix the rendering problem now, its all render correct now, only currently the mesh objects are renderd at the wrong possition, hehe o well, i will look at that later today or tomorrow :)
  7. Most people uses rfh/rfd, since that format is compressed so it makes the files very small, and why do people need to manually edit that file, make an visual editor for it.Why do they need to list the building xbf and unit xbf seperate, they are both handled the exact same way.
  8. I am working on a viewer yes, but currently when he views an xbf model, it shows something f*cked up, but i already think what the problem is, but i will look at it tomorrow.
  9. Riper what do you want to prove to Alpha, giving him parts of the source code?, he doesn't know anything about programming, so that doesn't prove a shit ;D "The truth is out there" - Agent. Mulder (X-Files) -Scorpio9a
  10. What did you think then Alphabeta4000?
  11. Yea, Riper, why are you doing this, we all know that you don't have the source code so stop doing this, because you havn't proved anything. Send me the E:BFD's xbf classes and i will believe you. -Scorpio9a
  12. No you don't need 2 remove or move the files: model0001.rfh ui0001.rfh ai0001.rfh 3ddata0001.rfh 3ddata0002.rfh maps0001.rfh campaigns0001.rfh missions0001.rfh -Scorpio9a
  13. place it in the model0002.rfh or an other model####.rfh file.
  14. You don't need 2 edit the existing 1, you can also create new 1s like model0002.rfh. -Scorpio9a
  15. Because that is required, Chronox
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