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  1. I've encountered a lot easy bosses. Also they get a lot easier after playing through the game again and again. Easy bosses: Makron in Quake 2. Though he's more challenge without using any power up items, with them he goes down in a few seconds. Alien Queen in Aliens Versus Predator 2 in the Predator episode, she was a bit uhmm.. trying to kill her with plasma weapons -> impossible. Killing her with the combistick -> boring, but eventually she died. Alien Queen was better in the Marine episode. Cyberdemon in Doom3, he only killed me once when I tested how much damage his rockets do. He was more challenging in the classic Doom. Both bosses in Dead Space, once you observe their behaviour a moment, they'll never again hit you. Though, if they hit you, it's probably resulting in death, because then they might hit you again without you having chance to dodge the next attack. I think hardest will be The Legion from Shadowman. Though I think it would be possible to kill him without getting hit, but I'd say it's still quite hard because you need to move. If you stop, his projectiles will hit you (they're homing). He does have some more instant hitting beam attack too, that's what usually hits me, with some luck I dodge it, but I manage to kill him before he's hit me too many times. Soldier of Fortune 1 had quite tough boss too.. first time I managed to kill him was because of some ai bug that made him stand still in front of me without attacking. Never again managed to get the ai bug, so I had to learn how to kill him the hard way. I have a feeling that Descent II might have some tough bosses. I've killed some of them, but I never played to the final boss, except once I cheated there just to see it and the game ending... so I had god mode enabled... Shadowgrounds had quite a tricky boss. I've played it twice through and both times I needed pretty much everything I had to kill him. Also he killed me a lot, but with the 5 continues per level, I was able to kill him with the last life. Silver has a tough boss, neither me or my brother could kill him. We got the first stage of the boss through, but then the player character was already half dead and needed to have a duel with some bad ass demon character.
  2. I like it. So far just played through a few missions. It seems faster than Dune2, in terms of how fast everything gets destroyed. The enemy also makes nicer attacks. It's almost constantly sending in some troops & vechicles. At the start it might be a bit too much if I've not had time to build enough army myself, but later on their attacks become quite easy. Looking forward to see updates on this project :)
  3. Changing vertical sync off made the game behave more erratic. Scrolling and rotation speeds were too fast, well scrolling speed was ok if I set it 1. The game crashed more. Resolution change seems to have the most effect. I could play 640*480 and other settings highest without glitching or it happens very rarely and very minimalistically. 1024*768 seems okayish, some glitching, but I didn't get it to get into a complete stop like with 1280*960 and I was constantly scrolling around and having units selected.
  4. So, how did your first experience on any Dune game go? I remember my first time was with Dune II. I chose Ordos.. green and snakes, excellent. Well, it didn't go very well. I think I got to the second mission. After a while, the Harkonnen just overrun my base with their bazooka troopers! But that didn't let me down, it was just telling me to do better next time. Of course next time I was the Harkonnen overrunning the enemy with my troops. Then I didn't touch the other houses until Dune 2000.
  5. I think it comes more often with scrolling the view. And more often with using mouse to scroll the view.. So better keep mouse cursor more in the middle of the screen and use keyboard to scroll, but I'll have to do more testing if this is the case.
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