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  1. I'm posting this here as the main Dune Legacy project forum is abandoned. Anyways, I would like to know if the patch fix, of any of the other minor patch such as ECM, work with Dune Legacy. I would also like to know how, or if, you can use fan missions with it, like the atreides campaign, as well as how to use music pack with the engine. I hope you can help. EDIT: The user maps appear to work by dropping them in the single player maps folder, although campaign specific restrictions such as only allowing you to place Wind Traps and Spice Refineries on the "training missions" don't seam to work when they're used this way, and the music pack from Dune II - The Maker's website appear to work if the Dune Legacy.ini is edited correctly and the files are placed in the correct directory structure. Still haven't found if the Patch Fix works with it but this user appears to have used it without problems. EDIT 2: Also tried maps from Dune eXtended; they work too but again level restrictions are lifted, you can build anything you want including a palace in the first levels.
  2. Anyone tried converting these fixes to the other versions of the game/exe? Also several of the referencing posts listed in the documentation are missing or broken. I assume you upgraded this forum at one point. I say that because the same thing happened to the Quake forums (I have multiple tastes in video games).
  3. The good news it a place is only as abandoned as you make it. A long as there is SOME activity this place isn't truly abandoned....yet. I hope you don't give up on the unofficial patch, even if the reverse engineered ports are in some ways better. I'm a hobbyist who likes to play with old tech and my stuff could benefit from your patch. I'm looking forward to another release with the latest fixes. Speaking of not for public use you should warn Nyerguds that he has a full rip of the hitsquad release of the game on his server, don't want lawyers harassing him. Well your gus drivers do work and there's no real need to use the originals (the ones you said you based your's on), but tried them out anyways just for the hell of it since it like experimenting. I can confirm they actually work as well as yours. The problem is that PUTGF1.EXE will return an error if GF1DIGI.ADV and GF1MIDI.ADV are not in the game folder as they are the drivers them selves. With this logic PUTGF1.EXE is technically just an installer that performs and organ swap on the SOUND.PAK.
  4. Alrighty, the gus driver thread is here, and the AWE thread I believe is this one. On another note/discussion, I notice this thread has info on some exe fixes. Dose the 1.07 patch fix have most of them?
  5. No response, I hope this place isn't abandoned. Anyways I think I may have answered my own question, most of them at least. There were a few I couldn't figure out, like "d2te_0-based_hacks.txt" and "dune_niggas.zip", as they had no included instructions. I've been exploring this forum for the last few days. Found a few mistakes in some of you threads. Got nothing better to do atm so I'll list them here (better than bumping each individual thread). You mentioned in the gus drivers thread that the original gravis drivers for dune 2 didn't work in DOSBox; I found they actually do but, technically, the original "driver" you linked isn't really a driver, it's an installer. The drivers can be found here, the AIL/DIGPAK 1.0 and .96; they have to be placed in the Dune II directory before you run the installer. Either way, I have issues with the digital gus driver: speech is garbled in the intro to the game. I also have occasional issues with the MIDI driver in that some times notes get stuck. You also mentioned issues where the Tandy driver for Dune wouldn't work in DOSBox, found a fix for that here. I also recall a thread where a user had issues getting the game to work on his AWE32(something), possible fix here.
  6. I'm a long time strategy game fan and just recently got back into dune. I'm trying to find mods, patches, scenarios and unofficial addons and try them out with the DOS version via DOSBox. Problem is not very many of them have descriptions leaving me to download them, hope they have a readme included and if not guess what they are. I know I mention tour of Nyerguds' Dune II directory in the title, but I'm actually talking about files from any site really. Where can I find some of the scenarios/maps found in this{/url] thread?
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