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  1. The solution didn't work. Just broke my laptop more. I wish people would still post here. :(
  2. Thanks. I'll give it a try and update you. Update #1: I accidentally broke my laptop when I was in Vegas so I'll have to get it repaired. I'll try to download this here now that I'm home, hopefully I don't break my computer again. Update #2: It's not working. I can't install it. It keeps getting unresponsive. I've tried 13 times already. Update #3: I may have found a solution. Will update you after I try it. Update #4: Alright, the solution works. Now I just need to do something. Will update you again when I get the chance.
  3. I'm pretty sure Notch and Markus are the same people. But Jeb is a different person. And Dune in Minecraft would be the best thing!
  4. I remember there was a guy who played a mission with Ordos. I can't remember though. He's russian and... I'm not sure.
  5. Haven't tried the updated version yet but all I can say is Alliance folder within an Alliance folder. Alliancefolderception.
  6. Does that mean that you will update the Alliance's Campaign as well?
  7. The link confuses me. Also, I found out that MVI's Mission Select mod doesn't work too well with this. if I select a mission, I don't have my ally. I have to play through the whole game to get to the mission I want and it probably crashes or the screen says "INPUT NOT SUPPORTED" or something like that and then I'll have to start over again.
  8. I have version 1.06 and I have a Windows Vista. I'm gonna try to download GruntMods version. Update: I've tried going to GruntMod's website but I can't seem to get to it. :/
  9. Oh. Well, the game doesn't exactly crash... The screen just gets messed up that I can't do anything, even when I leave the game, the entire screen is still messed up... Like... I have twelves cursors on the screen and some of them are backwards and there are only halves of them or something. I have to shut down the computer to do anything again. I'm not sure what's happening... But it happens every few hours I play.
  10. That's OK. I can wait. For now, I'll just keep playing the Campaigns and hate my computer for always crashing when I play Dune with or without mods every so often :/
  11. There weren't many problems. But I think it was Ordos Mission 5 or something, my ally didn't get a new Harvester after it was destroyed by the enemies. And the next mission, as soon as captured the Star Port, the game crashed, but that's probably just my computer being stupid, like always.
  12. I just downloaded this and I am playing through the campaign and all I can say is this mod is AWESOME!
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