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  1. Hello, I do not have my original Dune 2000 disc anymore, but l still have all the files on my hard-drive. I was playing OpenRA with friends yesterday when I saw that you could also play the Dune 2000 campaign missions and watch the briefings. However, in order to install this, you need the original disc. There appears to be no way to manually direct to a folder containing said files. That's why I made an .ISO and mounted it to fool OpenRA but that didn't work. I also burned it on a CD and tried it that way, but that didn't do the trick either. Strangely enough, you can manually refer to the correct folders for the music, just not the videos. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I'm currently looking for a second hand copy of the game, but it's pretty rare and sadly overpriced in most cases.
  2. Well, I isolated the problem. It's the supplied configurator. Somehow that forces the FPS bar. I managed to get it working with a different configurator. Not entirely fullscreen but with black borders in the top and bottom (like with some movies) but hey, no crashes so I'm happy
  3. Don't worry about it man. I know how these things are with old games on newer systems. I've tried both without success. Great tip about the map previews though. I didn't know about that. I think I'm going to send that guy from the patch a message see if he has any idea.
  4. Thank you for sharing. Unfortunately using those files and following the instructions has resulted in several computer crashes. I don't know why. I started from scratch a couple of times and every time I use a different configurator I end up with this error: The only way it works is with the files from abandonware and following this guide: https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/26661-dune-2000-106p-game-patching-bug-fixes-new-features/ Specifically the configurator (added to this post) makes the game run on my machine. But, the only downside being the FPS bar. Dune2000Config.exe
  5. I tried all combinations, but the error remains. I installed the Gruntmods version separately to see what option is altered in the ini file that shows the fps (if you select it in the config), but I don't see any change when I do that. So for now, I'm stuck with the ugly white fps bar. Everything else works great. PS: I also tried to add the most common used options to the ini file like ShowFPS=No or ShowFPScounter=No but none of it helps. PS2: I just tried to use the Gruntmod version (where I have the resolution problems) and somehow the show fps doesn't work at all in that version even though it's in the configurator.
  6. No, I don't have that option. I tried using the configurator from Gruntmods which does have that option, but then the game gives the error below and won't start. Is it possible to manually edit the config text and disable it that way? I changed it to no in the Dune2000.ini file but that doesn't seem to work.
  7. Nevermind, I worked around that and now have movies playing as well. Only thing left is that it's showing an white fps counter bar in the top left but I don't see an option in the configuration tool on how to disable that.
  8. Thank you for your reply. I removed the installed Gruntsmod and used the Dune 2000 files from Abandonware Dos to replicate the steps in your guide (I've lost the original CD a long time ago). It works perfectly now, so I'm very happy about that. I also used a very low resolution (640X400). The only downside is that I don't have any of the movies or music since there's no separate download for that without using Gruntsmod.
  9. Hello, I have some resolution issues on Windows 10 with a 2K monitor. Regardless of settings, the menu is always really small (I think around 800X600). On 1080p I do get bigger movies (intro and cut-scenes) with 'cut-scene change resolution' on, but still not full-screen. With the resolution on 2K and the cut-scene option off I get movies the size of a post-it. Also, I get a full-screen when actually playing, but the map itself is much smaller. Below I've added some examples to illustrate my points. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you!
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