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  1. Oh and ophirus thanks for those other records. I'll try them this week so probably get no work done. do you know where a list of records is on this site?
  2. ophirus you got it spot on when you noticed that the combined total of your's and enemies score is 1500 on level 9. There is a maximum amount of points available on every level. So anyone who says they score more than 1500 points in Dune2000 is either playing a different game or a bad liar. For those who want to lie on forums, as they obviously have no friends to lie to real life, just say 1495 or something like that. At least then your lies could be true? For those interested in playing for the highest % of the 1500 points available, harvesting spice for hours is not exactly necessary, but you do have to do a bit of it to push your score up to be honest. That's why I don't have exact high score cause the save game is at 1470 approx and I could prob squeeze 10 more by harvesting for an hour more. To get high score you have to build very quick, kill all enemy harvesters very fast and lose no units when you destroy everything. It's a totally different game when you play for points rather than for speed. I personally prefer speed but points can be fun.
  3. lol ophirus. nothing wromg with being israeli(in my opinion anyway, but i suppose it depends on your politics). the only point i was making is that you guys always seem to be really good at chess from a very young age(if you excuse the sweeping generalisation) i could have said "russian" instead of "israeli" but i had just lost a game to an israeli friend the day before. no offense meant. (but rememeber: just because you are paranoid; doesn't mean they're not out to get you) and AMIgabot: You are not very bright. I cannot say it any clearer. The top score possible in Dune 2000 is 1500. That's it. You would know this if you were any good at the game. But you're not. You are not very intellectually sharp and a very, very bad liar. It's very funny to imagine you playing the game for hours destroying turrets and enemies to get your score high but yet you never even worked out how the scoring works? So seriously. Does anyone who tells the truth have a high score they wish to share? I really have played this game too much and would love to know if anyone can score higher than 1480?
  4. Great! this forum has cleared me of my addiction! I can finally stop playing Dune. I will check in every now and then and see if anyone can get higher.
  5. ok, i'm beginning to think i'm not too bad then :) 1450+ with atreides and harkonnen, lower with ordos.
  6. If you are building tanks before your base can defend itself with turrets then that is your mistake with any mission. Any mission can be completed with loss of 5 units or less. The formula is basically: 1. Spice(build refinary if needed then build another and sell 1st then usally bulid another and sell 2nd, i.e. build on same spot). 2. Barracks 3. Radar(if possible - sometimes no concrete needed.) 4. Turrets!!!!! 5. Heavy factory 6. Harvester 7. Spaceport 8. Silos 9. Carriers + Siege tanks. 10. Whatever you want. Notice no building of any attacking units ever. Ever, until step 10. You are always given enough to survive without the loss of any unit by positioning your initial troops properly and clever tactical play until you can get turrets down. The first 5 minutes of any level is the best bit. Once your base has survived with no losses and can defend itself, killing the eneny with no great losses is easy. I know this is very general and the list above should obviously not be set completely in stone, you must adapt to the circumstances of the level(how many refinaries do you start with?, how much $?, was i given siege tanks? etc etc.) sorry if this basic formula doesn't help, and you have any specific strategy q's I'll try to ans. Good luck and remember when you get inside the base, don't wipe out the hi-tech factory too early, until you have had a chance to enjoy destroying all the other buildings.
  7. Wow, a Dune 2000 forum! I never register for these things but I am a complete Dune addict. It really is sad how much time I have spent playing this game, so my question is a little embarrasing: What is your high score? I am scared to put my score here because it's like when you go to a chess comp and the six yr old israeli kid beats you. I find the highest I can score is with house A, then H and finally O. The mercenaries make it really difficult to get a high score with the ORDOS?
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