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  1. Yeah, after posting the question, I found a site that specified that Fremen have double the hp of regular troopers. Sardaukar apparently having the same stats would explain why the separate entry for them in the Mentat unit overview was removed by the 1.07 patch - so as not to confuse players.
  2. I seem to remember that Stephane Picq said it would take 30 years for the rights to Spice Opera to revert to him, so he could re-release it himself, or make it publicly available. So in three more years, maybe it'll be freely (and legally) available again...
  3. So, the Fremen units you get from liberating Harkonnen fortresses don't appear in any of those lists. Are they randomized? I think you are guaranteed to get a troop whenever you win a battle for a fort, but I think if you take over an abandoned fort, there won't be a Fremen unit there.
  4. I've always wondered; do these three units all have the same stats in-game, or are there differences? The manual has different movement speeds for all three, and back when the Sardaukar had a Mentat entry, their firepower was listed as 'heavy', not 'medium' like Troopers and Fremen. But the few places I could turn up online that list detailed unit stats only have an entry for Troopers, so those descriptions might only have been flavor text. https://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/130704/list-of-unit-statistics http://tasvideos.org/GameResources/DOS/Dune2.html
  5. Why were the Frigate and Sardaukar removed from the Mentat unit overview anyway? Any reason not to restore them, or is that not possible?
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