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  1. Also reading the Siege Tank thing - the hardcoding was bugged in a way that if you played Atreides on level 5 and captured heavy factory, you could upgrade it up to siege tank. That's because the exception was written based on the house you were playing, rather than house the building belonged to (i.e. upgrade level was 2, and no Launcher, so going directly to Siege Tank).
  2. btw. might add you guy can check https://github.com/caiiiycuk/play-dune/tree/epicport/C the source of the Android OpenDune version, he made some other differences.
  3. Ah, I see, thanks. Yeah it was the ringing bell synth sound and changing from "both" to "digital" worked.
  4. Great job here with the remake. But I have a question: what is that "weird" sound when it plays "construction complete"? Should in table/sound.c instead of const Feedback g_feedback[VOICEID_MAX] = {{{0x002B, 0xFFFF, 0xFFFF, 0xFFFF, 0xFFFF}, 0x33, 0x003C}, /* 0 */be const Feedback g_feedback[VOICEID_MAX] = {{{0x002B, 0xFFFF, 0xFFFF, 0xFFFF, 0xFFFF}, 0x33, 0xFFFF}, /* 0 */? There seems to be more "dual sounds", maybe the sound enhancement?
  5. Well connected from Cell Phone it works too (because the cable internet is down).
  6. What happened to the forum? It's giving me "403: Permission Denied - Proxy Error".
  7. btw. there is a bug with minimaps and new houses colors: on small map -> all new houses (Sardaukar = ground, Fremen = sand, Mercenary = spice) on big map -> Mercenary only (have sand color)
  8. I mean when you move the unit out and press Area Guard it will go back ro the original point and Area Guard over there (and the go back to original point = retreat)
  9. Nono, Area guard makes the unit retreat and then do Area Guard there. As I said somewhere else this is an AI designed command.
  10. Problem is that if you disable a Trike from a house, Light Factory will still be available for it (unless Harkonnen with Hardcoded exception) in the Tech Level 2 (producing Carryalls). Anyway what is the Raider Trike exception like? I don't know how on x86 16bit (cause I only know 32bit x86 and there is no near and far addressing which I can't beat) but mostly visible on ARM the compilers aint perfect, allowing you to restate the disassembled code into less instructions and add some extra. (It is actually easier as the instructions are fixed 2 bytes (Thumb) or 4 bytes (or pair of them is joined).)
  11. This isn't really a bug but the Harverster seems to be a bit wider than in the original dune in the new graphics ... (I know how it looks like from the icons, but still :P ) Anyway seeing upper posts I suggest for now keeping the unit properties (HP, weapon, etc.) as it was in the original Dune II and then make it like "total conversion" switch/mod for the D2TM rebalancement, like the Dune 2000.
  12. ad0 That would have to be the 5 (or 4 least), 3 would be maximum of 768.
  13. I know that it looks dotted, but just add it as a possibility. I find myself annoyed when playing a game in a window. :)
  14. And a typo came :P I guess you meant (2 * 256) / 1000 (otherwise repair for buildings with HP more than 2 would be free).
  15. How about these two features: -> sound support -> full screen
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