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  1. This is really odd for someone who likes heavy metal (but here goes) Diana Ross - Inside Out I heard this on local radio and its a bit of an old song. Its worse if you hear it twice. *Go on give me a slap* :P I only do heavy metal and alternative rock.
  2. Guns have always seemed to have been a problem since their invention, but perhaps following the Virginia Tech shootings, there may be a need for change. There should be some better rules and laws regarding gun ownership and all people who have a mental health history should not allowed to have any access to a firearm. Of course, there are other things that can be done. Thats what I think about gun control anyhow. Agree or Disagree - Negative Reaction
  3. I agree on that point and magic is something that is believed in, exactly the same goes for those who believe in God. It's something that someone believes in. Its a question of faith for some. Personally, I actully believe in the supernatural and that's my belief. Like we could define what is God, we could say what is the supernatural. This is a rather intresting discussion :). - Negative Reaction
  4. Type O Negative - Perlude To Agony Its a bit twisted, put it that way.
  5. I suppose it depends on what God can be defined as. Its often believed that God represents the 'good' in you, but that is commonly firm belief in many religion. Many people have claimed to see God in visions i.e. the Prothet Mumhammed who claimed he saw Allah (God), Moses who had a vision where God asked him to lead the Israelites to the Promised Land. Both of these examples are stories that could be tales, but we could try to define God. Honestly, my intreptation of a God is that 'its a being who is worshipped and follo rewed as a belief'. Most of the largest religions around the world s
  6. Its not that funny when one guy who you happen to work with does it. But well sometimes, the passing of wind is unavoidable.
  7. I have read most of the Dune seqels (Dune Messiah, Children Of Dune, God Emperor Of Dune and Heretics Of Dune). I found these sequel novels really were really gripping and really tied into the original Dune. Actully each of them seems to represent a different time (probably excluding Heretics which leads straight into Chapterhouse, which I have not read yet. I found God Emperor to be really tough and perhaps the chapter of the novel where Leto II talks about his "lost humanity" was quite emotive. Children Of Dune was also quite fast-paced and the fact that the Corrinos where trying to get
  8. 'Love You To Death' by Type O Negative 'The beast inside of me is gonna, get ya, get ya, yeah' Kinda goes like that - I can't quote anything off the top of my head.
  9. Funny how you say that, yes I'd do have some Iron Maiden albums and besides any heavy metaller would be bonkers not like Iron Maiden. I've heard about Judas Priest but have had hardly listened to their stuff and perhaps I should by one of their albums, speaking of bands - does anyone here like Thrash Metal act Onslaught? Heard rumors that there new album's quite good. And I might as well admit it but my favourite band (at the moment) is Type O Negative, and its represented in my username. Okay perhaps they are well not the usual suspects to be considered Metallers, but they poke fun at the
  10. Hello everyone As you can see, I have joined this discussion forum and this has largely something to with the fact I'm a Dune nut who has all the novels and have played Dune 2000 for nearly a decade. I am already involved with some other on-line communities, and for a number of weeks I have visited the Dune2k discussion boards and decided to join :). I've been a Dune and Science fiction fan for a number of years and its always been a keen intrest. I am a twenty-something who has a job (working in the laundry department of my local hospital) and work Monday to Friday. I am into fiction novel
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