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  1. I think it's a great theory. Meaning, I love how they imply that all the historians from the Renaissance have been in a big conspiracy. My first instinct is to yell "Far-fetched!" and dismiss it out of hand, but they say the same thing about the accepted timeline, so I guess we're left to decide for ourselves which is more far-fetched. They have no proof to support their theory, but part of their theory is the elimination of all the proof we think we have for our timeline. Which also makes it useless. Without proof to back up either of the timelines, the world will stick with the old establis
  2. No angry response here, just a mild sense of bewilderment and a lot of "EH???" I think Dante is right about the overcomplicating. Nature is pretty simple, always follows the same straight lines to get to its goals. Prey that does not run gets eaten, so an instinct to flee or fight (fear) evolves in those who are liable to be hunted. This includes ALL modern-day mammals, the rabbit and the wolf but also the elephant and the human. Our ancestors were small vole-like creatures, if I'm not mistaken, and they were much lower in the food chain than the lizards of those days. Humans fear, even those
  3. It seems to be a question of sex discrimination to me. Formulating the question like this, "Can the government grant Miss X a license to marry Mr Y, yet withhold the same license from Mr Z, for the sole reason that Mr Z is male and Miss X is female?" what do you think the answer should be?
  4. I'm sorry if it seems that I omitted viewpoints of yours that were important to your argument. I think I addressed most of them, but it may be I missed some here and there. As for claiming a viewpoint for my own - I am aware that the "Romantic Feelings" term comes from you, and put it in specifically in order to make it clear that my viewpoints were similar to yours on that point (i.e. that it is who you have "Romantic Feelings" for that defines whether you are homo, hetero, or possibly bi). I never stated that people, being bisexual at birth, conditioned themselves into becoming either homo o
  5. Hi all, This is my first post on these forums ... they were brought to my attention by a friend. I have spent hours enjoying the various philosophical and other debates, sometimes wanting to reply, but usually someone would come up with my viewpoint on the subject, so I felt a reply from the newcomer would be redundant. In this case however, I feel there are still things to be said. I realize that it is an old thread, and if bringing it back to life is a bad thing to do, I apologize in advance. Gunwounds, I will start by saying that I think I understand your viewpoints, even if I do not agree
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