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    Tileset » Arrakis Release » 2001-10-19 Players » Four Map Size » 192 * 192 Additional Info » This map is set in the mourning... I've set up little infantry points beside the spice mainly to keep and eye on the harvester...and this is my first map... so I'm gonna kinda call it a test... Oh yea you cant miss the fights that goes on in the middle of the map where all the spice is... =)
  2. i agree 100% if people wanna act like they know it all then they can do it all...im through with dune editing unless by some small chance the campainge part comes out.....then ill give it another shot...untill then its all yours <sniper>
  3. Sorry i havent even bothered with the editor in a few dayz and i really havent had tiime to begine with the colorwash part...but im sure if you need to know anything at all with the editor ask <sniper> he seems like "Mister know it all"....
  4. Just as Sven the Slayer except i hate it that Starcrafts map editor has a ton more options then this one....i mean its 2001 and when did Starcraft come out 1998???Geeze WW get it to gother yea im glad you released it but wheres the campange part?No scripted conversations?No nothing...whatz up WW? :(
  5. dont think so patch 1.8 was over 5 megz alone you might wanna try and download 1.8 :-X
  6. Put it where you wanna BUT if i was u i would unzip it to the dune folder... ;D
  7. Im sure you could easly make a profile with the water texture =oP
  8. so can u make the dev... faster or not?if so how?i tried everything...
  9. Ok all i wanna know is is there anyway to make the devestator move faster...i mean i have changed the speed values but it still moves slow as hell..thank you for your help....
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    All these posts and noone even answered the guts question.........Are there any cheats in the game??????The reason why i posted this is cause i wanna know also...so are there??
  11. Hi everyone...whatz up?...anywayz the 1.9 patch just gets the game ready for the map editor....but doesnt come with it am i right?The map editor will be released later right?Thanks people.....
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