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  1. look better with same old style ;)
  2. I'd really like to see a new dune2 clone that has updated gfx and user control, but one that keeps the same old feel you had when playing the original. An example would be updating the music so it was better quality, but keeping it almost identical with that early 90s game music. Improved animations aswell but nothing over the top. Multiplayer IP/Lan and the ability to create your own maps and scenarios would be great.
  3. Yeah the project looks fairly awesome. Will the combat part of the game be in the style of traditional RTS games? or will it be like civilization? If u managed to pull it off as more like a standard rts this game could be massive.
  4. sadly, because the reality is; is that people with open minds who believe in such things as evolution are ok with others believing in whatever they want. These crackpot creationists can't handle anyone believing in anything else except what they believe in.
  5. is dune legacy standalone? or does it use the dune2 engine?
  6. at kind of text game are you talking about? an RPG or something like starkingdoms?
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