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  1. Wow... good work dude! ;) The only problems I found: - The videos are centered in the screen while the menus and game are offset towards the bottom of the screen. - Heavy flickering of the videos after they stop, in the space between the centered video and the offset game. - Screen flickering during game; using -f and -g only changes it in a vertical sincrony mess. - Excessive game speed; -g resolves it but the scrolling still sucks. The game is not playable this way, obviously. Windows 7 here. Next time before creating installers which create funny directories like "Fancy Nickname Productions" in my C: drive (which I DO NOT use for games) and litter my registry do something else, like fishing. Also: if you people download the 50MB Dune 2000 version from Nahoo Abandonware site and merge it with the movies in a game image available in every peer-2-peer known to man (if not the retail version that I have - in Italian though) you obtain the same thing - if not a better one - that our champ here did. Good job!
  2. ;) Thank you for the compliments. I've got a little problem. I'm using Facegen Modeller to create a 3d model of Dune's characters from various houses like Abulurd Harkonnen, Vorian Atreides, Hwi Noree, Shaka Mwami... and so on! :O The software is awesome, but it has a little problem: there is NO hair simulation. Do you know where i can find realistic 3d models of hair and other props like futuristic hats? ^_^ Thank you in advance.
  3. I will post something very soon. Please be patient! ^_^ I'm going to take my degree this year, I cannot work on this project more than few hours a week! :) See ya soon! ;)
  4. ...eh eh eh! No, maybe this game is a bit more complex than the one you're thinking about! Every single planet has its unique array of territories... Gammu includes regions like Abulurd Canyons, Central Refineries, Elacca Agricultural Systems... Arrakis includes regions like Shield Wall, Carthag, Sietch Tabr... Caladan includes regions like Barbican, Serena's Necklace, Pavonis' Arena... and so on! There will be something like 20-30 civilizations in this game, every one going along 4 main characterization plus a distinctive twist... The game will consist of two separate phases: the real-time 3d battles and the 2d interface global management system. It's growing up in such a complex way that it will need more time than I originally planned... so please be patient! ;D EDIT: No replies yet? :-[
  5. Thank you so much, friends! It sure looks cool but I've been spending whole nights while trying to create convincing mentat personalities... And the territories name were hard to figure too... by the way I feel that I'm following the right way... If you have any idea concerning this game, make me know. I'm still in the early developing stages and am open to suggestions of any kind! ;) Do you like the Griffin House Harkonnen Logo? ::) PS: As you may have noticed, the UI is still being designed... that explains all that 'mute' buttons! ;D
  6. It's been a long time! :D I'm using a bunch of programming languages... from Visual C# to DarkBasic Professional... Here are a pair of pics for your viewing pleasure! [attachment archived by Gobalopper]
  7. I'm developing the game rules... It's a bit hard to figure a homogenous way to cope with commerce, technology, human resources, culture... and politics... :O If you have nice ideas about the general rules for this game, make me know!
  8. Oh, never mind... I hope my english is not too difficult to understand! I should study it a bit better...
  9. Thanks a lot Timenn... it's good to see you in a good mood! ;D Am I the only Italian in this board, by the way? ???
  10. Andrew, thanks a WHOLE lot! Terragen is wonderful! It builds almost every kind of landscape. Now I just need some rendered warm tropical landscape and a pair of futuristic metropolis views... just that and I'll be ok!
  11. Do not get out of topic, my friends... By the way, how do I place the Italian flag under my nickname? ;D
  12. I've found really nice space pictures in artofgregmartin.com... do you know where else I can found other pictures of that kind? And where do I found landscapes? :P
  13. :) Thanks for the feedback. Eh eh eh... I've worked on this game for a long time already. The 3d engine is ready, and I'm working on 3D models. Graphics are also fine, too. I just have to link all the things together. By the way what I need more are high-quality pictures of various landscapes (deserts, glaciers, tundrae) and a bit of animal pictures to design crests. I'm trying to imagine the various units of this game. They won't be too different from Emperor/DG... A bit more details: Houses: all the houses from Dune Encyclopedia. Their value will be the same as in the books. For example, House Alman has 10/10 but its values are omogenous, while House Harkonnen has only 6/10 but is heavily centered on commerce. Assets: Culture: the complex of historic traditions, politics and ethics. The final goal of a house based on this feature will be the creation of a supreme being, able to stop the chaos wave of a decaying humanity. Examples: Alman, Atreides, Tleilaxu. Units: heavy centered upon infantry. Technology: the speed in industrial development and the progress in technical evolution. The final goal of this house it to develop a synthetic psycho-tropic drug able to substitute the spice, making Arrakis a useless ball of dust. Examples: Ix, Richese, Xochpili. Units: fast, light and powerful units - but weak. Commerce: the ability to create and exchange resources and gain credits, therefore controlling the economic fluxes increasingly large portions of known universe. Final goal: the creation of an absolute monopoly over every form of wealth, and the closing of CHOAM, known universe's stock exchange market. Examples: Harkonnen, Ordos. Units: a mix of common units from other groups. Militarism: the ability to use violence as a mean to politic purposes, the respect and devotion of your armies and your attitude towards strategic and tactical control of situations. Final goal: the constitution of an Emperor that will control the whole universe and will lead an army of fanatical warriors. Examples: Corrino, Moritani. Units: slow, powerful and reliable units. Graphic content: I need MANY high-definition pictures of space and landscapes. Please make me know where to find them. Game concept: Feel free to make me know how to build this game's rule and balancing of powers. If you have any complain about the things I described make me know. Thanks in advance for your support. I don't want to fail your trust, and am sure you will understand how much time will be needed for this project.
  14. Hello everybody! Ya Hya Chouhada! ;D This is my first day on this board, but I've been coming here for a long time. I have the greatest esteem for people like Jesse or Stefan, and everyone that loves Herbert's opus. I am a Junior Aerospace Engineer, with a passion for Dune and its marvels, and the ability to develop 3D engines and edit graphic content for a game. For a long time, I've been dreaming about an enormous game in which the player could choose to control one of the Great Houses of the Landsraad: Alman, Atreides, Corrino, Ordos, Marmusetz, Xochpili... using four kinds of social assets: Culture, Technology, Militarism, Commerce. The game would be a mix between Civilization, Emperor, Dune Generations and Battlezone, with the ability to control battles in a way that was never seen before. Everyone can join. This won't be easy and will take a long time, but rest assured I have the know-how to do it. And with your help there's no way we can miss this chance. I'm preparing a site to explain the main idea of this game. Stay tuned to know more about it. A bit of technobabble: This game will use this kind of technology Ambiance: bmp, png files Units: 3ds, md3, x files World: bsp files Anyone able to work with this files make me know. Bye Bye... Shai-Hulud!
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