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  1. through out the game there are non buildable units like ix suboids and buildings like tlielaxu living turret. does any on have a list of these NB units/buildings? ??? ??? ???
  2. Through out the game there are several units and buildings that one can not build e.g. tleilaxu walker and living turret, ixian suboids , ordos ghola and atriedes frigat/genral/duke. :O :O :O Does anyone have a list of these N-B units/buildings???? ???
  3. The surealist version of Dune envisioned by Mr.Jordowsky was unfotunatly never filmed :'( That doesen't make it any less interesting. Does any one have any info on how the plot would have differd from the book?????
  4. Okay, i know but this is the best topic under which to put this! Does any one have info on the canceld game, Dune Genarations?!?!?!?
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