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  1. No need to tell lies shaokhan, I was nothing but pleasent to you, has I am pleasent with everyone You lost the game, (Admit it) and then you started calling me gay, because you lost the game I like to play Dune2000 online, but I will not sit here and let you tell lies about me, because of the threat that you might not let me join the Dune2000 network You should be pleased that people want to play this game online, and not try to put people off with your childish behaviour. I will try to join the network again later
  2. I dont think this would be a wise choice Gruntlord, I'm new to this forum and I'm also new to playing Dune2000 online But I did join this server about 2 weeks ago, and I have played about 6 games with players like (Iheb, Cornel Cole, Tano66 and Matrix) I then made the mistake of playing a game with Shaokhan, where he lost the game, at which point I was banned from the Dune2000 network If Shanokhan is given the responsability of hosting the official Dune2k server, he should not be allowed to ban players to whom he loses games Everyone should be allowed to play if they so wish, is it not possab
  3. What an embarrassment you are shaokhan, I can't believe you banned me from the hamachi network Because you lost a game Does anyone know of another server where Dune2000 can be played which isnt run by a child who bans players when she loses a game
  4. Ahhh thx for that, I tried to open a chat window and accidently pressed "Leave network" And I couldnt get back onto the network, untill your post told me the network name "Dune2000 1.06" Thx
  5. Hi Guys Does anyone know how to play online useing Hamachi I've downloaded Hamachi, and opened it up But how do you join a Dune network, there is none listed in Hamachi Thx Dune
  6. I used Hamachi it works good and is easy to use
  7. I got it working Thx to Cole and played 2 games was good fun Any way if any one wants a game let me know
  8. Is there acctualy any finished campaign maps other than the ones which come on the Dune CD I've played level 9 on all houses and need a new map
  9. I wish I could :( Do I need to download this RC connector I keep hearing about ?
  10. Dune

    About trainer

    Its a sports shoe
  11. I'll go play it now, see what its like
  12. Yes I have the original disk, bought it years ago, so does this meen I cant play the new maps ?
  13. I dont have a folder called "Missions" would it have any other name ?
  14. I've downloaded the map and tried to play it but its not listed in the maps, any idea what I've done wrong ?
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