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  1. Buddy, ya wanna know why he spelled your name wrong? Because you spelt it wrong! I am assuming you are trying to be Paul's alter name, and if you are, your an idiot, if not, I take everything back.
  2. It's means hold J before you issue an order, and it makes them move in the exact same position in relevance to each other.
  3. ::screams and runs away, as a squeaky fart noise is made, and nthing seems to happen for about 10 minutes, and he turns around to look:: Erm...::bu then, they both Spontaneously combust, and an and a SPLAT is flashed across everybodies eyes like in the old batman shows:: ((HARVESTEERS!))
  4. J.R.RR TOLKIEN ALL THE WAY! ::runs and ducks behind a boulder, as bullets chase after him:: THE LORD OF THE RINGS RULES.....of course...Roger Zelanzy was awsome too...
  5. Er, what I meant Gobby was that Westwood sort of made up the word NIAB (it's been a few years since I have read the series, correct me if I'm wrong) to serve their own purpose. Ya know, it really erks me about what Westwood did to the Ixs and Tleilaxu. They pretty much took the name and said "Oh, they sound like they'd do this, and they sound like this"
  6. I've been playing online for quite a while now, and when Is start building a base, I start by building a factory, and imeediatly set it to building 10 Mongooses, while I build 3 Refinarys, and begin upgrading them. Now most of the time this works, but lost of times it is completely screwed up, because I see a huge force of Tron Tanks or Missle Tanks whipe out all of my harvesters and Carryalls before I even realize it. That's the problem with the Atreides, they don't have any units that are any good that can be built fast. And now, I don't even have any money to build new units, my current uni
  7. ------------------ BEGIN TRANSMISSION ------------------ Ya know, the Guild my be my favorite subhouse. Often, I'll be able to whipe out most of the enemy base with 4 NAIB tanks. It awsome if you can find a spot in the base that's a small secluded corner, and teleport the 4 in there, and hope they are not seen (which they usually aren't). Then you can asses it from there. If the defenses towards the closet building are not too great, then atttack! If there are a few vehic
  8. LOL! Thank god somebody who has actually read the series! And it isn't NIAB it's Naib, and yes, that's exactly what it is my friend. Heh heh.
  9. Actually buddy, you have to take out all of the Tleilaxu buildings. there are a few windtraps, turrets, and flesh vats, and they are located just under the palace.
  10. I am not completely new to dune, but I am new to this bored, so I'm going to ask who wants a challenge?
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