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  1. they should make the assault tank have 2x the range and make its warhead blast apart infantry. then increase the cost to 1100.
  2. i guess sometimes it becomes necessary to send legions of death out into the universe to kill... well..... EVERYONE DAMNIT!!!!!!!!
  3. but the harkonnen do not have apcs.
  4. well i guess you could argue for the kobra, but having to deploy it reduces its effectiveness greatly.
  5. no it really wouldn't have been. not at all actually.
  6. thats why i like minotaurae, they are effective against all units so it doesn't matter what they fire at.
  7. maybe Frank was a reincarnation of Nostradamus?
  8. in the books the Atreides symbol is a red hawk, Harkonnen is a blue gryphon (which is half-horse, half-bird). thats what im talkin about bros. Anyway edric, sorry im not up on the animal kingdom, but it was still funny.
  9. get it right, its Duke Worf
  10. the harkonnen symbol is a blue gryphon
  11. Gob, im honored that you added my quote to the top bar thing. im glad my comment amused everyone (except Edric, but nobody's perfect).
  12. Edric, i'm pretty sure snakes are invertebrae, meaning they have no backbone. I thank bashar for giving me my props. Edric is the guild navigator/ambassador from Dune: Messaih right?
  13. i know, but what would be there in its place?
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