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  1. **** THIS TOPIC IS VERY LONG lolz... but i got one question does NAV got another nick ? cuz ive never seen him before... playing emperor .. i wanna a 1 v 1 game against him... must be kool (i think) if he said he is good he should try to play against the L.B.Z.
  2. i agree with gunwounds... but what probs u guys getting with new comps? mine is ok no probs.... lolz
  3. :'( snif... im very damn rusty... i have lost all battles against everyone at emperor... lolz.... im hating this..... need some practice heheh... hey guys... one more thing.. i cant get online with my old kuyaz account so im gonna be there as Lordcelts... if u guys wanted to know who was that guy.. well now u know it 8) L.B.Z. Players COME BACK WE NEED TO PRACTICE LOLZ WE ARE VERY RUSTIES NOW!!! >:(
  4. :D lol im not a atreides player but i can play with em
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