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  1. dude, it sure sucks to live in the USA ;)
  2. Is it possible to edit an .INI file or something so that i can play emperor on a 1280x1024 screen resolution instead of 11280x960?? Thnx, David
  3. When i play as ordos i'm fairly good in hit and run (damn i love those laser tanks) but when the enemy deploys Fedaykin every armor gets shot to bits :S how do you counter that?? Inf gets shot to bits to and sinds Ordos doesnt have any air support..
  4. hey y'all When i install the game and play it (compatibility mode) it starts up but when
  5. I play emperor and it can be a very short game.. i also have the feeling that some units kill and die very quickly than in dune 2000
  6. I had the same question and U can't .. unfortunately
  7. I tried every possible option with screen resolution, safe mode, compatibility, refresh rate, 16-32 bit so what is your solution?
  8. So what... i should install this crappy sp1 pack and risking a CPU fuckup... thank U microsoft >:(
  9. both because when there are many units on screen at once you will experience pcu slowdown :(
  10. i think you should set textures to medium and reslotion to 800x600
  11. Ive searched every store for emperor when a friend finally burned me a copy and i wanted to play online i'd got a problem with westwood registration (which u need in order 2 play online) it says that i should reinstall the game with the right serial number in order to finish westwood registration. suggestion anyone?
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