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  1. Thanks for the nice words, I am very happy that you enjoyed War of the Landsraad. You are right, the lore was a big focus of the campaign, so I am very pleased to see it wasn't in vain There are a ton of other really good campaigns from other authors like Cm_blast and Fey, you can check them out in the Mission Launcher. Also about your missions, we are always interested in new content, so if you want to share some, don't hesitate. You can also join the discord server if you wanna keep up to date with everything that is possible nowadays when it comes to modding (War of the Landsraad was done in 2020, back then we probably didn't have even 20% of the features we have today, you can find some insanely advanced campaigns made in 2023). If you wish to join the discord server, the link is in my signature.
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