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  1. Hello. Version 1.3.0 of the Mission Launcher is now available, with the following changes, new features, and bug fixes: [New] Implemented splash art system for campaign windows [New] Changed the layout and looks of the main view [New] Added campaign window for Summers' Solstice (author: Fey) [New] Added campaign window for Coalition of Nobles and its sequel (author: Cm_blast) [New] Added campaign window for the Butlerian Jihad trilogy (author: Cm_blast) [New] Added buttons for All Missions view to display only the original Westwood missions [Bugfix] Fixed the launcher not reverting mod files in certain scenarios (i.e. colored bars staying on vanilla missions) [Bugfix] Fixed an issue with colours.bin not being properly restored for mod missions [Compatibility] Added compatibility solution for War of the Landsraad to work properly with Klofkac's new exe You can download it below: DOWNLOAD Main screen changes New splash art functionality
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